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Figurative Thought and Language

Edited by Angeliki Athanasiadou and Herbert L. Colston
The aim of the series is to publish theoretical and empirical research on Figuration broadly construed. Contributions to the study of metaphor, metonymy, irony, hyperbole, understatement, idioms, proverbs and other understudied... read more
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Shakespeare in European Culture

Edited by Dirk Delabastita and Keith Gregor
Shakespeare in European Culture is an international book series promoting the historically based study of the aesthetic, cultural, linguistic and political functions that Shakespeare as a figure and his works have... read more
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Studies in Germanic Linguistics

Edited by Michael T. Putnam, B. Richard Page and Laura Catharine Smith
This series aims to provide a unified home for the highest quality monographs and edited scholarly volumes of empirically grounded research on Germanic languages past and present. The series welcomes formal, functional, and... read more
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Topics in Address Research

Edited by Horst J. Simon, Bettina Kluge and John Hajek
In all languages, forms of address establish an ever-changing repertoire with rules of usage that are closely tied to social and other factors; therefore, the study of address forms has been a central element of the relational... read more