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Applied Pragmatics

Edited by Zia Tajeddin and Naoko Taguchi
Applied Pragmatics aims to enhance research on acquisitional pragmatics and hence accepts studies which have strong implications for teaching, learning, and assessing L2 pragmatics, including L2 English and other... read more
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Concentric: Studies in Linguistics

Edited by Jen Ting and Shiao-hui Chan
Concentric: Studies in Linguistics is a refereed, biannual journal, publishing research articles on all aspects of theoretical and applied linguistics. Review articles and book reviews with solid... read more
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Evolutionary Linguistic Theory

Edited by Ermenegildo Bidese and Anne Reboul
Evolutionary Linguistic Theory (ELT) is an international peer-reviewed journal intended as a platform for discussing the question of the origin and development of the language faculty understood as a specifically... read more
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Internet Pragmatics

Edited by Chaoqun Xie and Francisco Yus
A huge amount of communication is nowadays carried out on the internet, as is reflected in online social networking sites, instant messaging interactions and the emergence of norms of production and interpretation in online... read more
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Journal of Second Language Studies

Edited by Shiyu Wu and Hui Chang
Journal of Second Language Studies (JSLS) is an international refereed journal that is dedicated to promoting scholarly exchanges, advancing theoretical knowledge, and exploring pedagogical implications in second... read more
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Language Teaching for Young Learners

Edited by Dingfang Shu and Rod Ellis
Language Teaching for Young Learners is an academic, refereed journal, which publishes articles relating to the teaching and learning of foreign / second languages for young learners. ‘Young’ is defined as including... read more
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Language, Context and Text

Edited by Xuanwei Peng and Geoff Williams
Language, Context and Text. The Social Semiotics Forum (LangCT) is an international, refereed journal with a focus on the use, critique and development of social semiotics as originally proposed by the British... read more
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Language, Culture and Society

General Editor: Li Wei
Language, Culture and Society provides an international platform for cutting-edge research that advances thinking and understanding of the complex intersections of language, culture and society, with the aim of... read more
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Moral Cognition and Communication

Edited by Ahmed Abdel-Raheem and Elisabeth Wehling
The journal Moral Cognition and Communication (MCaC) provides a forum for research that explores various aspects of moral cognition and communication. This includes the role of moral beliefs for social, economic and political... read more
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Register Studies

Edited by Jesse Egbert and Bethany Gray
Register Studies is a refereed journal devoted to the publication of empirical, methodological, and theoretical research on register and its relationship to all aspects of language use, variation,... read more
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Translation, Cognition & Behavior

Edited by Ricardo Muñoz Martín
Translation, Cognition & Behavior focuses on a broad area of research generally known as cognitive translation studies – a term that encompasses new conceptual paradigms being explored in cognitive translatology as... read more