The Acquisition of Swahili

Kamil Deen | University of Hawaii at Manoa
ISBN 9789027253002 | EUR 110.00 | USD 165.00
ISBN 9789027293978 | EUR 110.00 | USD 165.00
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This monograph is the first study of the acquisition of Swahili as a first language. It focuses on the acquisition of inflectional affixes, with a particular emphasis on subject agreement and tense. Other inflectional affixes are also investigated, including object agreement and mood. The study surveys the adult dialect in question, Nairobi Swahili, discussing social, phonological, morphological and syntactic properties. Data, analyses and copious examples are presented of the naturalistic speech of four Swahili speaking children. The data are tested against six influential theories of child language, and the results show that processing and metrical theories of telegraphic speech fail to account for the observed patterns, while grammatical theories of child language fair significantly better. The data and analyses presented in this book are indispensable for linguists and psychologists interested in the acquisition of inflectional material and other cross-linguistic properties of child language.
[Language Acquisition and Language Disorders, 40] 2005.  xiv, 241 pp.
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“This book contains the first comprehensive examination of how verbal morphology is acquired in a Bantu language, providing a theoretically exciting and timely contribution to the literature.”
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