Frederic Chaume

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This chapter presents three different, though intertwined, implications of digital transformation in the various processes of audiovisual translation. Firstly, the relevance that technological developments have had on audiovisual translation and localization will be dealt with. Having chosen… read more
Audiovisual translation is an academic term that covers both well-established and new ground-breaking linguistic and semiotic transfers like dubbing, subtitling, surtitling, respeaking, audiosubtitling, voice-over, simultaneous interpreting at film festivals, free-commentary and goblin translation,… read more
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Chaume, Frederic 2004 Synchronization in dubbing: A translational approachTopics in Audiovisual Translation, Orero, Pilar (ed.), pp. 35–52 | Article
Chaume, Frederic 2002 Models of Research in Audiovisual TranslationBabel 48:1, pp. 1–13 | Article