Chapter published in:
Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 15: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 30, Frankfurt
Edited by Ingo Feldhausen, Martin Elsig, Imme Kuchenbrandt and Mareike Neuhaus
[Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 15] 2019
► pp. 5471

Sources of Gallo data

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PG: Précis de Grammaire Gallèse (2009), association of Gallo teachers
IR: Robin, I. (2010) ‘De la négation en gallo: le cas de pas aoqhun, MA thesis, University of Nantes.
(2014) : Ene oraïje naïr, 1st on-line novel in Gallo.
SyMiLa: data from ANR Project on Syntactic Microvariation in Romance Languages of France


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