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SL&L 21:2
Impersonal human reference in Sign Languages
Edited by Gemma Barberà and Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
[Sign Language & Linguistics, 21:2] 2018.  v, 216 pp.
SL&L 15:1
New Methodologies in Sign Language Phonology: Papers from TISLR 10
Edited by Diane Brentari and Ronnie B. Wilbur
[Sign Language & Linguistics, 15:1] 2012.  v, pp. 183
SL&L 14:1
Nonmanuals in Sign Language
Edited by Annika Herrmann and Markus Steinbach
[Sign Language & Linguistics, 14:1] 2011.  vi, 212 pp.
SL&L 16:2
Sign Language Syntax from a Formal Perspective
Edited by Paweł Rutkowski
[Sign Language & Linguistics, 16:2] 2013.  v, 166 pp.
SL&L 23:1/2
Special Issue in Memory of Irit Meir
Edited by Diane Lillo-Martin, Wendy Sandler, Marie Coppola and Rose Stamp
[Sign Language & Linguistics, 23:1/2] 2020.  vi, 285 pp.