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JAPC 14:1
Academic Interaction
Edited by Helen Marriott
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 14:1] 2004.  199 pp.
JAPC 23:1
Animation in Asia
Edited by John A. Lent
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 23:1] 2013.  v, 177 pp.
JAPC 24:2
Anxiety, Insecurity, and Border Crossing
Edited by Mie Hiramoto and Joseph Sung-Yul Park
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 24:2] 2014.  vi, 184 pp.
JAPC 15:2
Asian Business Discourse(s) Part I
Edited by Francesca Bargiela
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 15:2] 2005.  121 pp.
JAPC 16:1
Asian Business Discourse(s) Part II
Edited by Francesca Bargiela
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 16:1] 2006.  164 pp.
JAPC 26:2
Asian Perspectives on English as a Lingua Franca and Identity
Edited by Chit Cheung Matthew Sung
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 26:2] 2016.  vi, 182 pp.
JAPC 19:1
Biliterate Asian Students' Literacy Practices in North America
Edited by Youngjoo Yi and Alan Hirvela
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 19:1] 2009.  180 pp.
Categories and Case
William O’Grady
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 71] 1991.  vii, 294 pp.
JAPC 13:1
Communication and Culture in Korea
Edited by Eungjun Min and Eunkyong Yook
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 13:1] 2003.  iv, 163 pp.
JAPC 21:2
Cultural China in Discursive Transformation
Edited by Shi-xu
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 21:2] 2011.  160 pp.
JAPC 17:1
Culture, Contexts, and Communication in Multicultural Australia and New Zealand
Edited by Yunxia Zhu and Herbert Hildebrandt
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 17:1] 2007.  176 pp.
CILT 246
Current Trends in Caucasian, East European and Inner Asian Linguistics
Edited by Dee Ann Holisky and Kevin Tuite
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 246] 2003.  xxviii, 426 pp.
JAPC 30:1/2
Developments in Diglossic Settings in the Asian Pacific Region
Edited by Marinus van den Berg
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 30:1/2] 2020.  vi, 310 pp.
P&b VII:1
Explorations in Japanese Sociolinguistics
Leo Loveday
[Pragmatics & Beyond, VII:1] 1986.  xi, 153 pp.
JAPC 25:1
Explored but not Assumed
Edited by Hui-Ching Chang and Ling Chen
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 25:1] 2015.  v, 164 pp.
SLCS 175
Exploring the Turkish Linguistic Landscape
Edited by Mine Güven, Didar Akar, Balkız Öztürk and Meltem Kelepir
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 175] 2016.  xviii, 202 pp.
JAPC 21:1
Institutional Politeness in (South) East Asia
Edited by Francesca Bargiela and Dániel Z. Kádár
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 21:1] 2011.  vi, 158 pp.
Suk-Jin Chang
[London Oriental and African Language Library, 4] 1996.  xviii, 252 pp.
JAPC 22:2
Language Management Approach
Edited by Helen Marriott and Jiří Nekvapil
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 22:2] 2012.  vi, 163 pp.
P&bns 109
Language, Social Structure, and Culture
Patricia Mayes
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 109] 2003.  xiv, 228 pp.
CILT 262
Languages and Prehistory of Central Siberia
Edited by Edward J. Vajda
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 262] 2004.  x, 275 pp.
P&bns 97
Linguistic Emotivity
Senko K. Maynard
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 97] 2002.  xiv, 481 pp.
P&bns 88
Linguistic Politeness Across Boundaries
Edited by Arın Bayraktaroğlu and Maria Sifianou
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 88] 2001.  xiv, 439 pp.
JAPC 19:2
Media Discourse in Greater China
Edited by Sai-hua Kuo and Doreen D. Wu
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 19:2] 2009.  v, 166 pp.
JAPC 20:2
Medical Communication in the Asia Context
Edited by M. Agnes Kang and Olga Zayts-Spence
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 20:2] 2010.  vi, 166 pp.
Juha A. Janhunen
JAPC 15:1
Multiple Perspectives on L1 and L2 Academic Literacy in Asia Pacific and Diaspora Contexts
Edited by Xiaoming Li and Christine Pearson Casanave
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 15:1] 2005.  iv, 207 pp.
JAPC 26:1
Restructuring Chinese Speech Communities
Edited by Marinus van den Berg
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 26:1] 2016.  v, 173 pp.
JAPC 27:2
The Roles of Communication on a Regional Conflict
Edited by Eungjun Min
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 27:2] 2017.  v, 111 pp.
L&L 20:1
Sound, Form, and Meaning of Chinese Dialects
Edited by Ik-sang Eom
[Language and Linguistics, 20:1] 2019.  ix, 129 pp.
JAPC 28:1
Strategic Communication: Beyond nation cultural adaption, images and identity
Edited by Hassan Abu Bakar and Bahtiar Bin Mohamad
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 28:1] 2018.  v, 194 pp.
Studies in Turkish Linguistics
Edited by Dan I. Slobin and Karl Zimmer
[Typological Studies in Language, 8] 1986.  vi, 294 pp.
JAPC 23:2
Trends in Media and Communication Research in Malaysia
Edited by Fauziah Ahmad
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 23:2] 2013.  vi, 134 pp.
JAPC 29:1
Vagueness and Elasticity of 'Sort of' in TV Discussion Discourse in the Asian Pacific
Edited by Vahid Parvaresh and Grace Zhang
[Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 29:1] 2019.  v, 147 pp.
LA 44
The Verb in Turkish
Edited by Eser Erguvanlı Taylan
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 44] 2001.  xvii, 267 pp.