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IJoLC 1:2
"Happiness" and "Pain" across Languages and Cultures
Edited by Cliff Goddard and Zhengdao Ye
LPLP 43:2
40 Years of Bill 101 in Québec
Edited by François Vaillancourt
[Language Problems and Language Planning, 43:2] 2019.  v, 138 pp.
SiHoLS 86
And Along Came Boas
Regna Darnell
Z 137
Anthropology of Color
Edited by Robert E. MacLaury, Galina V. Paramei and Don Dedrick
[Not in series, 137] 2007.  xx, 485 pp.
Z 152
Becoming Eloquent
Edited by Francesco d'Errico and Jean-Marie Hombert
[Not in series, 152] 2009.  vi, 289 pp.
P&bns 314
Bonding through Context
Edited by Risako Ide and Kaori Hata
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 314] 2020.  vii, 291 pp.
Z 191
Colour Studies
Edited by Wendy Anderson, Carole P. Biggam, Carole Hough and Christian Kay
[Not in series, 191] 2014.  xiv, 417 pp.
IJoLC 8:1
The Conceptualization of ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Ugly’ across Languages and Cultures
Edited by Anna Gladkova and Jesús Romero-Trillo
[International Journal of Language and Culture, 8:1] 2021.  vii, 168 pp.
CLU 19
Consensus and Dissent
Edited by Anne Storch
[Culture and Language Use, 19] 2017.  vii, 252 pp.
IJoLC 6:1
Creativity in Language
Edited by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, Andrea Hollington, Nico Nassenstein and Anne Storch
CLU 10
Culinary Linguistics
Edited by Cornelia Gerhardt, Maximiliane Frobenius and Susanne Ley
[Culture and Language Use, 10] 2013.  xvi, 347 pp.
IJoLC 4:2
Cultural Linguistic Contributions to World Englishes
Edited by Hans-Georg Wolf, Frank Polzenhagen and Arne Peters
Cultural Linguistics
Farzad Sharifian †
Cultural-Linguistic Explorations into Spirituality, Emotionality, and Society
Edited by Hans-Georg Wolf, Denisa Latić and Anna Finzel
LE 3:2
Documentary Linguistics
Edited by Sumittra Suraratdecha and Toshihide Nakayama
[Language Ecology, 3:2] 2019.  v, 122 pp.
IJoLC 4:1
Emotions across Languages and Cultures
Edited by Angeliki Athanasiadou and Ad Foolen
Endangered Metaphors
Edited by Anna Idström and Elisabeth Piirainen
BCT 86
Exploring Language Aggression against Women
Edited by Patricia Bou-Franch
[Benjamins Current Topics, 86] 2016.  v, 159 pp.
LL 4:3
Gender, Sexuality & Linguistic Landscapes
Edited by Tommaso M. Milani
[Linguistic Landscape, 4:3] 2018.  v, 119 pp.
CLU 12
A Grammar of Luwo
Anne Storch
[Culture and Language Use, 12] 2014.  xvii, 291 pp.
CLU 21
Growing up on the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea
Barbara Senft and Gunter Senft
[Culture and Language Use, 21] 2018.  xxv, 248 pp.
Z 168
Homo Symbolicus
Edited by Christopher S. Henshilwood and Francesco d'Errico
[Not in series, 168] 2011.  xi, 237 pp.
CLU 20
Gunter Senft
[Culture and Language Use, 20] 2017.  xvi, 244 pp.
Z 145
In Hot Pursuit of Language in Prehistory
Edited by John D. Bengtson
[Not in series, 145] 2008.  xxiv, 476 pp.
Insular Toponymies
Joshua Nash
[Culture and Language Use, 9] 2013.  xiv, 302 pp.
IJoLC 7:1
Intercultural Pragmatics and Cultural Linguistics
Edited by Ulrike Schröder, Milene Mendes de Oliveira and Hans-Georg Wolf
CLU 18
Land and Language in Cape York Peninsula and the Gulf Country
Edited by Jean-Christophe Verstraete and Diane Hafner
[Culture and Language Use, 18] 2016.  x, 492 pp.
Landscape in Language
Edited by David M. Mark, Andrew G. Turk, Niclas Burenhult and David Stea
[Culture and Language Use, 4] 2011.  xiii, 449 pp.
SLCS 147
Language Description Informed by Theory
Edited by Rob Pensalfini, Myfany Turpin and Diana Guillemin
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 147] 2014.  xii, 391 pp.
Z 215
Language Dispersal Beyond Farming
Edited by Martine Robbeets and Alexander Savelyev
[Not in series, 215] 2017.  xiii, 324 pp.
Z 158
Language Documentation
Edited by Lenore A. Grenoble and N. Louanna Furbee
[Not in series, 158] 2010.  xviii, 340 pp.
CLU 17
Language Documentation and Endangerment in Africa
Edited by James Essegbey, Brent Henderson and Fiona Mc Laughlin
[Culture and Language Use, 17] 2015.  vi, 317 pp.
Language Endangerment
Edited by Elisabeth Piirainen and Ari Sherris
Language Maintenance and Language Death
Karen A. Roesch
[Culture and Language Use, 6] 2012.  xv, 253 pp.
Language Structure and Environment
Edited by Rik De Busser and Randy J. LaPolla
IJoLC 2:2
Language and Cultural Values
Edited by Bert Peeters
[International Journal of Language and Culture, 2:2] 2015.  vii, 161 pp.
Impact 38
Language and Material Culture
Allison Paige Burkette
The Language of Emotions
Maïa Ponsonnet
LE 2:1/2
Language of Empire, Language of Power
Edited by Kees Versteegh
[Language Ecology, 2:1/2] 2018.  v, 146 pp.
Language, Culture and Identity – Signs of Life
Edited by Vera da Silva Sinha, Ana Moreno-Núñez and Zhen Tian
CLU 13
Languages of Governance in Conflict
Ingjerd Hoëm
[Culture and Language Use, 13] 2015.  xxii, 152 pp.
Z 36
Literary Anthropology
Edited by Fernando Poyatos
[Not in series, 36] 1988.  xxiii, 342 pp.
P&bns 281
Mapping Genres, Mapping Culture
Edited by Elizabeth A. Thomson, Motoki Sano and Helen de Silva Joyce
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 281] 2017.  vi, 248 pp.
SiN 22
Master Narratives, Identities, and the Stories of Former Slaves
Jonathan Clifton and Dorien Van De Mieroop
[Studies in Narrative, 22] 2016.  viii, 229 pp.
LL 2:3
Memory and memorialization
Edited by Eliezer Ben-Rafael and Elana Shohamy
[Linguistic Landscape, 2:3] 2016.  v, 104 pp.
CLU 22
Metasex – The Discourse of Intimacy and Transgression
Anne Storch and Nico Nassenstein
[Culture and Language Use, 22] 2020.  ix, 132 pp.
LL 3:3
Methodology in Linguistic Landscape Research
Edited by Robert Blackwood
[Linguistic Landscape, 3:3] 2017.  v, 113 pp.
LPLP 44:3
Minorities in Italy in a changing legal landscape
Edited by Gabriele Iannàccaro and Vittorio Dell’Aquila
[Language Problems and Language Planning, 44:3] 2020.  v, 130 pp.
Mixed Magic
Anna Katrina Gutierrez
LL 6:2
Multilingual Landscapes and the Construction of Community
Edited by Leonie Gaiser and Yaron Matras
[Linguistic Landscape, 6:2] 2020.  v, 128 pp.
SiN 21
Narrative and Identity Construction in the Pacific Islands
Edited by Farzana Gounder
[Studies in Narrative, 21] 2015.  xvi, 260 pp.
Z 167
New Directions in Colour Studies
Edited by Carole P. Biggam, Carole Hough, Christian Kay and David R. Simmons
[Not in series, 167] 2011.  xii, 462 pp.
NSS 14
Nordfriesische Grabhügelnamen mit anthroponymem Erstglied
Volkert F. Faltings
[NOWELE Supplement Series, 14] 1996.  vi, 186 pp.
The Persistence of Language
Edited by Shannon T. Bischoff, Deborah Cole, Amy V. Fountain and Mizuki Miyashita
[Culture and Language Use, 8] 2013.  xxx, 440 pp.
P&bns 214
Practices of Truth
Baudouin Dupret
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 214] 2011.  xiv, 173 pp.
CoLL 58
Pre-Historical Language Contact in Peruvian Amazonia
Luis Miguel Rojas-Berscia
[Contact Language Library, 58] 2021.  xvii, 261 pp.
Primate Communication and Human Language
Edited by Anne Vilain, Jean-Luc Schwartz, Christian Abry and Jacques Vauclair
[Advances in Interaction Studies, 1] 2011.  vi, 239 pp.
Progress in Colour Studies
Edited by Carole P. Biggam and Christian Kay
[Not in series, PICS 1] 2006.  xii, 223 pp.
Z 217
Progress in Colour Studies
Edited by Lindsay W. MacDonald, Carole P. Biggam and Galina V. Paramei
[Not in series, 217] 2018.  xx, 470 pp.
BCT 85
Queering Borders
Edited by David A.B. Murray
[Benjamins Current Topics, 85] 2016.  v, 158 pp.
SLCS 142
Responses to Language Endangerment
Edited by Elena Mihas, Bernard Perley, Gabriel Rei-Doval and Kathleen Wheatley
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 142] 2013.  xv, 273 pp.
AHS 12
Spanish Socio-Historical Linguistics
Edited by Whitney Chappell and Bridget Drinka
[Advances in Historical Sociolinguistics, 12] 2021.  v, 235 pp.
HCP 42
The Spatial Language of Time
Kevin Ezra Moore
[Human Cognitive Processing, 42] 2014.  xxv, 340 pp.
LE 4:1
Styles, Standards and Meaning in Lesser-Studied Languages
Edited by Uri Horesh, Jonathan R. Kasstan and Miriam Meyerhoff
[Language Ecology, 4:1] 2020.  v, 130 pp.
CLU 16
Tales from the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea
Gunter Senft
[Culture and Language Use, 16] 2015.  xviii, 299 pp.
Impact 47
Talking about Food
Edited by Sofia Rüdiger and Susanne Mühleisen
CLU 14
Traveling Conceptualizations
Andrea Hollington
[Culture and Language Use, 14] 2015.  xxiv, 242 pp.
The Tuma Underworld of Love
Gunter Senft
[Culture and Language Use, 5] 2011.  xvii, 138 pp.
SiHoLS 81
The Whorf Theory Complex
Penny Lee
SLCS 194
Word Hunters
Edited by Hannah Sarvasy and Diana Forker
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 194] 2018.  vi, 177 pp.
Edited by Tom Clark, Emily Finlay and Philippa Kelly
LL 5:2
Edited by Crispin Thurlow and Kellie Gonçalves
[Linguistic Landscape, 5:2] 2019.  v, 106 pp.
BCT 84
“Happiness” and “Pain” across Languages and Cultures
Edited by Cliff Goddard and Zhengdao Ye
[Benjamins Current Topics, 84] 2016.  vi, 145 pp.