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Book Series




SiBil 63
The Acquisition of Gender
Edited by Dalila Ayoun
[Studies in Bilingualism, 63] 2022.  xi, 282 pp.
SiBil 11
The Acquisition of Spatial Relations in a Second Language
Angelika Becker and Mary Carroll
[Studies in Bilingualism, 11] 1997.  xii, 212 pp.
SiBil 49
Advances in Spanish as a Heritage Language
Edited by Diego Pascual y Cabo
[Studies in Bilingualism, 49] 2016.  ix, 353 pp.
SiBil 54
Bilingual Cognition and Language
Edited by David Miller, Fatih Bayram, Jason Rothman and Ludovica Serratrice
[Studies in Bilingualism, 54] 2018.  vi, 403 pp.
SiBil 25
Bilingual Couples Talk
Ingrid Piller
[Studies in Bilingualism, 25] 2002.  xii, 315 pp.
SiBil 6
The Bilingual Lexicon
Edited by Robert Schreuder and Bert Weltens
[Studies in Bilingualism, 6] 1993.  viii, 307 pp.
SiBil 42
Bilingual Youth
Edited by Kim Potowski and Jason Rothman
[Studies in Bilingualism, 42] 2011.  vi, 371 pp.
SiBil 37
Bilingualism and Identity
Edited by Mercedes Niño-Murcia and Jason Rothman
[Studies in Bilingualism, 37] 2008.  vii, 365 pp.
SiBil 44
Bilingualism in the USA
Fredric Field
[Studies in Bilingualism, 44] 2011.  xviii, 320 pp.
SiBil 57
Bilingualism, Executive Function, and Beyond
Edited by Irina A. Sekerina, Lauren Spradlin and Virginia Valian
[Studies in Bilingualism, 57] 2019.  viii, 377 pp.
SiBil 35
Child Second Language Acquisition
Sonia Rocca
[Studies in Bilingualism, 35] 2007.  xvi, 240 pp.
SiBil 30
Cross-Linguistic Aspects of Processability Theory
Edited by Manfred Pienemann
[Studies in Bilingualism, 30] 2005.  xiv, 303 pp.
SiBil 21
Cross-Linguistic Structures in Simultaneous Bilingualism
Edited by Susanne Döpke
[Studies in Bilingualism, 21] 2000.  x, 258 pp.
SiBil 52
Cross-linguistic Influence in Bilingualism
Edited by Elma Blom, Leonie Cornips and Jeannette Schaeffer
[Studies in Bilingualism, 52] 2017.  vi, 358 pp.
SiBil 61
Developing Narrative Comprehension
Edited by Ute Bohnacker and Natalia Gagarina
[Studies in Bilingualism, 61] 2020.  vii, 341 pp.
SiBil 31
English with a Latin Beat
Edited by Barbara O. Baptista and Michael Alan Watkins
[Studies in Bilingualism, 31] 2006.  vi, 214 pp.
SiBil 28
First Language Attrition
Edited by Monika S. Schmid, Barbara Köpke, Merel Keijzer and Lina Weilemar
[Studies in Bilingualism, 28] 2004.  x, 378 pp.
SiBil 24
First Language Attrition, Use and Maintenance
Monika S. Schmid
[Studies in Bilingualism, 24] 2002.  xiv, 259 pp. (incl. CD-Rom)
SiBil 12
Government and Codeswitching
Helena Halmari
[Studies in Bilingualism, 12] 1997.  xvi, 276 pp.
SiBil 53
Growing Old with Two Languages
Edited by Ellen Bialystok and Margot D. Sullivan
[Studies in Bilingualism, 53] 2017.  vi, 304 pp.
SiBil 32
Heritage Language Development
Edited by Kimi Kondo-Brown
[Studies in Bilingualism, 32] 2006.  x, 282 pp.
SiBil 58
Heritage Languages
Suzanne Aalberse, Ad Backus and Pieter Muysken
[Studies in Bilingualism, 58] 2019.  xix, 302 pp.
SiBil 48
Implicit and Explicit Learning of Languages
Edited by Patrick Rebuschat
[Studies in Bilingualism, 48] 2015.  xxii, 489 pp.
SiBil 39
Incomplete Acquisition in Bilingualism
Silvina Montrul
[Studies in Bilingualism, 39] 2008.  x, 312 pp.
SiBil 26
Information Structure and the Dynamics of Language Acquisition
Edited by Christine Dimroth and Marianne Starren
[Studies in Bilingualism, 26] 2003.  vi, 361 pp.
SiBil 51
Language Acquisition Beyond Parameters
Edited by Anahí Alba de la Fuente, Elena Valenzuela and Cristina Martínez Sanz
[Studies in Bilingualism, 51] 2016.  vi, 305 pp.
SiBil 33
Language Attrition
Edited by Barbara Köpke, Monika S. Schmid, Merel Keijzer and Susan Dostert
[Studies in Bilingualism, 33] 2007.  viii, 258 pp.
SiBil 8
Language Planning in Multilingual Contexts
Kathryn A. Davis
[Studies in Bilingualism, 8] 1994.  xix, 220 pp.
SiBil 15
Language Processing and Second Language Development
Manfred Pienemann
[Studies in Bilingualism, 15] 1998.  xviii, 366 pp.
SiBil 4
Linguistic Minorities in Multilingual Settings
Christina Bratt Paulston
[Studies in Bilingualism, 4] 1994.  xi, 136 pp.
SiBil 59
Lost in Transmission
Edited by Bernhard Brehmer and Jeanine Treffers-Daller
[Studies in Bilingualism, 59] 2020.  vii, 276 pp.
SiBil 1
Maintenance and Loss of Minority Languages
Edited by Willem Fase, Koen Jaspaert and Sjaak Kroon
[Studies in Bilingualism, 1] 1992.  xii, 403 pp.
SiBil 55
Meaning and Structure in Second Language Acquisition
Edited by Jacee Cho, Michael Iverson, Tiffany Judy, Tania Leal and Elena Shimanskaya
[Studies in Bilingualism, 55] 2018.  xv, 311 pp.
SiBil 43
Modeling Bilingualism
Edited by Monika S. Schmid and Wander Lowie
[Studies in Bilingualism, 43] 2011.  vii, 308 pp.
SiBil 41
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Code Switching
Edited by Ludmila Isurin, Donald Winford and Kees de Bot
[Studies in Bilingualism, 41] 2009.  xviii, 364 pp.
SiBil 23
Narrative Development in a Multilingual Context
Edited by Ludo Verhoeven and Sven Strömqvist
[Studies in Bilingualism, 23] 2001.  viii, 431 pp.
SiBil 18
A Neurolinguistic Theory of Bilingualism
Michel Paradis
[Studies in Bilingualism, 18] 2004.  viii, 299 pp.
SiBil 3
One Parent – One Language
Susanne Döpke
[Studies in Bilingualism, 3] 1992.  xviii, 231 pp.
SiBil 19
Politics and Sociolinguistic Reflexes
Muhammad Hasan Amara
[Studies in Bilingualism, 19] 1999.  xx, 261 pp.
SiBil 62
Research on Second Language Processing and Processing Instruction
Edited by Michael J. Leeser, Gregory D. Keating and Wynne Wong
[Studies in Bilingualism, 62] 2021.  viii, 359 pp.
SiBil 10
Second Language Acquisition and Linguistic Variation
Edited by Robert Bayley and Dennis R. Preston
[Studies in Bilingualism, 10] 1996.  xix, 317 pp.
SiBil 9
Second Language Acquisition in a Study Abroad Context
Edited by Barbara F. Freed
[Studies in Bilingualism, 9] 1995.  xiv, 345 pp.
SiBil 34
Selves in Two Languages
Michèle Koven
[Studies in Bilingualism, 34] 2007.  xi, 327 pp.
SiBil 38
Sign Bilingualism
Edited by Carolina Plaza-Pust and Esperanza Morales-López
[Studies in Bilingualism, 38] 2008.  xvi, 389 pp.
SiBil 20
Slips of the Tongue
Nanda Poulisse
[Studies in Bilingualism, 20] 1999.  xvi, 257 pp.
SiBil 27
Spanish/English Codeswitching in a Written Corpus
Laura Callahan
[Studies in Bilingualism, 27] 2004.  viii, 183 pp.
SiBil 60
Studies in Turkish as a Heritage Language
Edited by Fatih Bayram
[Studies in Bilingualism, 60] 2020.  xiv, 287 pp.
SiBil 50
Tense-Aspect-Modality in a Second Language
Edited by Martin Howard and Pascale Leclercq
[Studies in Bilingualism, 50] 2017.  vi, 257 pp.
SiBil 46
Third Language Acquisition in Adulthood
Edited by Jennifer Cabrelli, Suzanne Flynn and Jason Rothman
[Studies in Bilingualism, 46] 2012.  vii, 312 pp.
SiBil 47
Vocabulary Knowledge
Edited by Scott Jarvis and Michael Daller
[Studies in Bilingualism, 47] 2013.  viii, 220 pp.