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GS 6
Developments in Primate Gesture Research
Edited by Simone Pika and Katja Liebal
[Gesture Studies, 6] 2012.  xiii, 256 pp.
GS 5
Elements of Meaning in Gesture
Geneviève Calbris
[Gesture Studies, 5] 2011.  xx, 378 pp.
GS 1
Gesture and the Dynamic Dimension of Language
Edited by Susan D. Duncan, Justine Cassell and Elena T. Levy
[Gesture Studies, 1] 2007.  vi, 328 pp.
GS 2
Jürgen Streeck
[Gesture Studies, 2] 2009.  xii, 235 pp.
GS 4
Integrating Gestures
Edited by Gale Stam and Mika Ishino
[Gesture Studies, 4] 2011.  viii, 372 pp.
GS 9
Italian Sign Language from a Cognitive and Socio-semiotic Perspective
Virginia Volterra, Maria Roccaforte, Alessio Di Renzo and Sabina Fontana
[Gesture Studies, 9] 2022.  vi, 220 pp.
GS 3
Metaphor and Gesture
Edited by Alan Cienki and Cornelia Müller
[Gesture Studies, 3] 2008.  ix, 306 pp.
GS 7
Why Gesture?
Edited by R. Breckinridge Church, Martha W. Alibali and Spencer D. Kelly
[Gesture Studies, 7] 2017.  vii, 433 pp.