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JSLP 6:3
25 years of Intelligibility, Comprehensibility and Accentedness
Edited by John M. Levis, Tracey M. Derwing and Murray J. Munro
[Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, 6:3] 2020.  vi, 234 pp.
Z 189
Above and Beyond the Segments
Edited by Johanneke Caspers, Yiya Chen, Willemijn Heeren, Jos Pacilly, Niels O. Schiller and Ellen van Zanten
[Not in series, 189] 2014.  xii, 363 pp.
Advances in Clinical Phonetics
Edited by Martin J. Ball and Martin Duckworth
Advances in Sociophonetics
Edited by Chiara Celata and Silvia Calamai
[Studies in Language Variation, 15] 2014.  vi, 214 pp.
CILT 269
Athabaskan Prosody
Edited by Sharon Hargus and Keren Rice
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 269] 2005.  xii, 432 pp.
Current Issues in the Phonetic Sciences
Edited by Harry Hollien and Patricia Hollien
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 9] 1979.  xxi, 587pp., xiii, 608 pp.
P&bns 25
English Speech Rhythm
Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 25] 1993.  x, 346 pp.
SCL 94
In Search of Basic Units of Spoken Language
Edited by Shlomo Izre'el, Heliana Mello, Alessandro Panunzi and Tommaso Raso
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 94] 2020.  xi, 440 pp.
CILT 319
Instrumental Studies in Arabic Phonetics
Edited by Zeki Majeed Hassan and Barry Heselwood
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 319] 2011.  xii, 365 pp.
Intonation Units Revisited
Dagmar Barth-Weingarten
[Studies in Language and Social Interaction, 29] 2016.  xviii, 318 pp.
Intonation Units in Japanese Conversation
Kazuko Matsumoto
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 65] 2003.  xviii, 215 pp.
Intonational Grammar in Ibero-Romance
Edited by Meghan E. Armstrong, Nicholas Henriksen and Maria del Mar Vanrell
TiLAR 17
Linguistic Rhythm and Literacy
Edited by Jenny Thomson and Linda Jarmulowicz
[Trends in Language Acquisition Research, 17] 2016.  xiv, 286 pp.
LA 59
Particle Verbs in English
Nicole Dehé
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 59] 2002.  xii, 305 pp.
CILT 306
Phonetics and Phonology
Edited by Marina Vigário, Sónia Frota and M. João Freitas
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 306] 2009.  vi, 290 pp.
CILT 335
The Phonetics–Phonology Interface
Edited by Joaquín Romero and María Riera
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 335] 2015.  xxi, 288 pp.
Phonological Reconstruction
Edited by Marc Dominicy and Juliette Dror
[Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 3] 1988.  183 pp.
CILT 233-234
The Phonological Spectrum
Edited by Jeroen van de Weijer, Vincent J. van Heuven and Harry van der Hulst
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 233-234] 2003.  x, 308 pp. & x, 264 pp.
CILT 234
The Phonological Spectrum
Edited by Jeroen van de Weijer, Vincent J. van Heuven and Harry van der Hulst
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 234] 2003.  x, 262 pp.
CILT 233
The Phonological Spectrum
Edited by Jeroen van de Weijer, Vincent J. van Heuven and Harry van der Hulst
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 233] 2003.  x, 306 pp.
BCT 80
Phonological and Phonetic Considerations of Lexical Processing
Edited by Gonia Jarema and Gary Libben
[Benjamins Current Topics, 80] 2015.  ix, 233 pp.
LL&LT 42
Pronunciation Fundamentals
Tracey M. Derwing and Murray J. Munro
[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 42] 2015.  xiii, 208 pp.
Sonic Signatures
Edited by Geoff Lindsey and Andrew Nevins
[Language Faculty and Beyond, 14] 2017.  x, 322 pp.
Sound Change
Edited by Marc Dominicy and Didier Demolin
[Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 9] 1994.  158 pp.
TSL 62
Sound Patterns in Interaction
Edited by Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen and Cecilia E. Ford
[Typological Studies in Language, 62] 2004.  viii, 406 pp.
Tibeto-Burman Tonology
Alfons Weidert
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 54] 1987.  xvii, 512 pp.
AiCR 47
Tone of Voice and Mind
Norman D. Cook
[Advances in Consciousness Research, 47] 2002.  x, 293 pp.
LA 250
Topics in Theoretical Asian Linguistics
Edited by Kunio Nishiyama, Hideki Kishimoto and Edith Aldridge
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 250] 2018.  xx, 390 pp.
Towards a Typology of Poetic Forms
Edited by Jean-Louis Aroui and Andy Arleo
[Language Faculty and Beyond, 2] 2009.  xiv, 428 pp.
Voice Quality
John Laver
Zur 'Heliand' metrik
Ingeborg Hinderschiedt