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Book Series



CLD 7:2
Conversation Analysis in Chinese
Edited by Sandra A. Thompson and Ruey-Jiuan Regina Wu
[Chinese Language and Discourse, 7:2] 2016.  v, 166 pp.
CLD 10:2
Conversation Analysis in Chinese: Part II
Edited by Ni-Eng Lim
[Chinese Language and Discourse, 10:2] 2019.  v, 175 pp.
CLD 5:1
Current Trends in Chinese Discourse
Edited by Wei Wang and Linda Tsung
[Chinese Language and Discourse, 5:1] 2014.  v, 97 pp.
CLD 3:1
Development of Pragmatic and Discourse Skills in Chinese-Speaking Children
Edited by Zhu Hua and Lixian Jin
[Chinese Language and Discourse, 3:1] 2012.  v, 127 pp.
CLD 12:1
The Joint Production of Conversational Turns
Edited by K.K. Luke and Mei Fang
[Chinese Language and Discourse, 12:1] 2021.  v, 134 pp.
CLD 13:1
Media Language and Discourse in Cultural China
Edited by Doreen D. Wu, Ming Liu and David C. S. Li
[Chinese Language and Discourse, 13:1] 2022.  v, 165 pp.