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P&bns 41
Academic Writing
Edited by Eija Ventola and Anna Mauranen
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 41] 1996.  xiv, 258 pp.
ARAL 29:2
Address from a World Perspective
Edited by Heinz L. Kretzenbacher, Catrin Norrby and Jane Warren
SCL 95
Advances in Corpus-based Research on Academic Writing
Edited by Ute Römer, Viviana Cortes and Eric Friginal
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 95] 2020.  vi, 358 pp.
P&bns 74
Analysing Professional Genres
Edited by Anna Trosborg
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 74] 2000.  xvi, 256 pp.
CILT 116
Ancient Scripts and Phonological Knowledge
D. Gary Miller
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 116] 1994.  xvi, 139 pp.
Z 231
The Art and Architecture of Academic Writing
Patricia Prinz and Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir
[Not in series, 231] 2021.  x, 299 pp.
ARAL 10:2
Australian Applied Language Studies
Edited by Tim F. McNamara
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 10:2] 1987.  vi, 236 pp.
ARAL 34:3
Australian Languages
Edited by Michael Walsh
Bilingual Performance in Reading and Writing
Edited by Alister Cumming
[Best of Language Learning, 1] 1994.  vi, 378 pp.
Irina Usanova
[Hamburg Studies on Linguistic Diversity, 8] 2019.  xvi, 257 pp.
ARAL 32:2
Clearing the Air
Edited by John Read and Ute Knoch
P&bns 63
Coherence in Spoken and Written Discourse
Edited by Wolfram Bublitz, Uta Lenk and Eija Ventola
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 63] 1999.  xiv, 300 pp.
LL&LT 54
Complex Dynamic Systems Theory and L2 Writing Development
Edited by Gary G. Fogal and Marjolijn H. Verspoor
[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 54] 2020.  xvii, 304 pp.
Z 25
Constraints on Error Variables in Grammar
Philip A. Luelsdorff
[Not in series, 25] 1986.  vii, 442 pp.
WL&L 10:2
Constraints on Spelling Changes
Edited by Guido Nottbusch and Eliane Segers
[Written Language & Literacy, 10:2] 2007.  162 pp.
ARAL 43:2
Corpus Linguistics and Education in Australia
Edited by Alexandra I. García, Peter Crosthwaite and Monika Bednarek
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 43:2] 2020.  v, 119 pp.
LAL 23
Corpus Stylistics as Contextual Prosodic Theory and Subtext
Bill Louw and Marija Milojkovic
[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 23] 2016.  xix, 419 pp.
BCT 89
Cross-linguistic Transfer in Reading in Multilingual Contexts
Edited by Elena Zaretsky and Mila Schwartz
[Benjamins Current Topics, 89] 2016.  ix, 183 pp.
WL&L 17:1
Cross-linguistic transfer in reading in multilingual contexts – recent research trends
Edited by Elena Zaretsky and Mila Schwartz
[Written Language & Literacy, 17:1] 2014.  ix, 171 pp.
ARAL 8:2
Current Issues in First and Second Language Development
Edited by Howard Nicholas
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 8:2] 1985.  iii, 151 pp.
Current Perspectives on Literary Reading
Edited by Dari Escandell and José Rovira-Collado
ARAL 35:3
Describing School Achievement in Asian Languages for Diverse Learner Groups
Edited by Angela Scarino and Catherine Elder
Z 51
Developmental Orthography
Philip A. Luelsdorff
[Not in series, 51] 1991.  xii, 258 pp.
Z 206
Developmental Perspectives in Written Language and Literacy
Edited by Eliane Segers and Paul van den Broek
[Not in series, 206] 2017.  xi, 447 pp.
WL&L 13:2
Developmental aspects of written language
Edited by Sofía A. Vernon Carter and Mónica Alvarado
[Written Language & Literacy, 13:2] 2010.  vi, 116 pp.
DS 23
Dialogicity in Written Specialised Genres
Edited by Luz Gil-Salom and Carmen Soler-Monreal
[Dialogue Studies, 23] 2014.  xvi, 227 pp.
Directions in Empirical Literary Studies
Edited by Sonia Zyngier, Marisa Bortolussi, Anna Chesnokova and Jan Auracher
[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 5] 2008.  xii, 357 pp.
Emergent Literacy
Edited by Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 13] 2011.  vi, 275 pp.
P&bns 80
English Media Texts – Past and Present
Edited by Friedrich Ungerer
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 80] 2000.  xiv, 286 pp.
ARAL 31:3
English as an International Language
Edited by Michael Clyne and Farzad Sharifian †
Ethnographies of Academic Writing Research
Edited by Ignacio Guillén-Galve and Ana Bocanegra-Valle
[Research Methods in Applied Linguistics, 1] 2021.  xi, 162 pp.
LAL 32
Experiencing Fictional Worlds
Edited by Benedict Neurohr and Lizzie Stewart-Shaw
[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 32] 2019.  xiii, 228 pp.
LAL 19
Exploring Second Language Creative Writing
Edited by Dan Disney
[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 19] 2014.  v, 157 pp.
ARAL 40:2
Flourishing in Italian
Edited by Antonia Rubino, Antonella Strambi and Vincenza Tudini
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 40:2] 2017.  v, 109 pp.
ARAL 6:2
Foreign Language Teaching
Edited by T.J. Quinn
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 6:2] 1983.  iv, 103 pp.
SiN 24
Form-function Relations in Narrative Development
E. Birgitta Svensson
[Studies in Narrative, 24] 2018.  xi, 297 pp.
WL&L 7:2
From Letter to Sound
Edited by Martin Neef and Beatrice Primus †
[Written Language & Literacy, 7:2] 2005.  207 pp.
Functional Literacy
Edited by Ludo Verhoeven
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 1] 1994.  viii, 493 pp.
ARAL 41:2
Genre and Disciplinarity
Edited by Tim Moore, Janne Morton and Steve Price
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 41:2] 2018.  v, 120 pp.
WL&L 18:2
The Historical Sociolinguistics of Spelling
Edited by Laura Villa and Rik Vosters
[Written Language & Literacy, 18:2] 2015.  v, 125 pp.
Indian English
Raja Ram Mehrotra
[Varieties of English Around the World, T7] 1998.  x, 148 pp.
Information and Document Design
Edited by Saul Carliner, Jan Piet Verckens and Cathy de Waele
[Document Design Companion Series, 7] 2006.  xi, 252 pp.
Intercultural Perspectives on Research Writing
Edited by Pilar Mur-Dueñas and Jolanta Šinkūnienė
[AILA Applied Linguistics Series, 18] 2018.  x, 310 pp.
Z 95
The Japanese Mental Lexicon
Joseph F. Kess and Tadao Miyamoto
[Not in series, 95] 1999.  x, 268 pp.
ARAL 7:2
Language Handicap
Guest-edited by Ann Zubrick
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 7:2] 1984.  iv, 75 pp.
ARAL 5:2
Language Planning
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 5:2] 1982.  viii, 159 pp.
ARAL 11:2
Language Testing Colloquium
Edited by Tim F. McNamara
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 11:2] 1988.  vii, 98 pp.
WL&L 3:1
Language and Dialect in the Maya Hieroglyphic Script
Gabrielle Vail and Martha J. Macri
[Written Language & Literacy, 3:1] 2000.  198 pp.
ARAL 42:2
Language and Intercultural Communication Pedagogies in Australian Higher Education
Edited by Paul J. Moore and Adriana Díaz
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 42:2] 2019.  v, 100 pp.
ARAL 30:3
Language as Action
Edited by Maurice Nevile and Johanna Rendle-Short
LAL 22
Language, Discourse, Style
Edited by Sonia Zyngier
[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 22] 2016.  xxiii, 282 pp.
Language, Literacy, and Learning in STEM Education
Edited by Mary Jane Curry and David I. Hanauer
[Language Studies, Science and Engineering, 1] 2014.  xvi, 180 pp.
Learning to Read in a Digital World
Edited by Mirit Barzillai, Jenny Thomson, Sascha Schroeder and Paul van den Broek
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 17] 2018.  x, 242 pp.
Letter Writing as a Social Practice
Edited by David Barton and Nigel Hall
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 9] 2000.  vi, 262 pp.
TiLAR 17
Linguistic Rhythm and Literacy
Edited by Jenny Thomson and Linda Jarmulowicz
[Trends in Language Acquisition Research, 17] 2016.  xiv, 286 pp.
TSL 21
The Linguistics of Literacy
Edited by Pamela A. Downing, Susan D. Lima and Michael Noonan
[Typological Studies in Language, 21] 1992.  xx, 334 pp.
WL&L 23:2
Literacies in Contact
Edited by Manuela Böhm and Constanze Weth
[Written Language & Literacy, 23:2] 2020.  v, 180 pp.
Literacies, Global and Local
Edited by Mastin Prinsloo and Mike Baynham
[AILA Applied Linguistics Series, 2] 2008.  vii, 218 pp.
ARAL 25:2
Literacies: Tertiary contexts
Compiled and edited by Zosia Golebiowski
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 25:2] 2002.  vii, 148 pp.
ARAL 9:2
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 9:2] 1986.  v, 157 pp.
Literacy Acquisition in School in the Context of Migration and Multilingualism
Inken Sürig, Yazgül Şimşek, Christoph Schroeder and Anja Boness
[Hamburg Studies on Linguistic Diversity, 5] 2016.  xii, 297 pp.
WL&L 8:2
Literacy Processes and Literacy Development
Edited by Pieter Reitsma and Ludo Verhoeven
[Written Language & Literacy, 8:2] 2005.  192 pp.
Literacy and Religion
Cushla Kapitzke
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 2] 1995.  xxi, 343 pp.
P&bns 78
Literature as Communication
Roger D. Sell
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 78] 2000.  xiv, 348 pp.
Multilingual Literacies
Edited by Marilyn Martin-Jones and Kathryn E. Jones
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 10] 2001.  xxvi, 395 pp.
LAL 27
Narrative Absorption
Edited by Frank Hakemulder, Moniek M. Kuijpers, Ed S. Tan, Katalin Bálint and Miruna M. Doicaru
[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 27] 2017.  ix, 319 pp.
SiN 25
Narrative, Literacy and Other Skills
Edited by Edy Veneziano and Ageliki Nicolopoulou
[Studies in Narrative, 25] 2019.  xix, 318 pp.
Or Words to That Effect
Edited by Daniel F. Chamberlain and J. Edward Chamberlin
WL&L 20:1
Orthographic Databases and Lexicons
Edited by Lynne Cahill and Terry Joyce
[Written Language & Literacy, 20:1] 2017.  v, 127 pp.
Z 29
Orthography and Phonology
Edited by Philip A. Luelsdorff
[Not in series, 29] 1987.  xi, 238 pp.
Z 107
Patterns of Text
Edited by Mike Scott and Geoff Thompson †
[Not in series, 107] 2001.  viii, 323 pp.
Poetry as Research
David I. Hanauer
[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 9] 2010.  xiii, 164 pp.
ARAL 39:2
Postgraduate Writing in a Globalised World
Edited by Emmaline Lear and Elke Stracke
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 39:2] 2016.  v, 98 pp.
ARAL 44:2
Problematizing Language Policy and Practice in EMI and Transnational Higher Education
Edited by Curtis Green-Eneix, Peter I. De Costa and Wendy Li
[Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 44:2] 2021.  v, 145 pp.
WL&L 7:1
Process and Acquisition of Written Language
Edited by Robert Schreuder and Ludo Verhoeven
[Written Language & Literacy, 7:1] 2004.  iv, 132 pp.
Reading Comprehension in Educational Settings
Edited by José A. León and Inmaculada Escudero
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 16] 2017.  xvii, 198 pp.
Reading and Writing Public Documents
Edited by Daniël Janssen and Rob Neutelings
[Document Design Companion Series, 1] 2001.  vi, 304 pp.
Reading for Learning
Maria Nikolajeva
WL&L 11:2
The Role of Phonology in Reading
Edited by Martina Penke
[Written Language & Literacy, 11:2] 2009.  150 pp.
Runic and Mediterranean Epigraphy
Richard L. Morris
[NOWELE Supplement Series, 4] 1988.  xii, 177 pp.
WL&L 9:1
Script Adjustment and Phonological Awareness
Edited by Martin Neef and Guido Nottbusch
[Written Language & Literacy, 9:1] 2006.  181 pp.
The Social Uses of Literacy
Edited by Mastin Prinsloo and Mignonne Breier
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 4] 1996.  viii, 279 pp.
ARAL 33:3
Sociocognitive Approaches to Second Language Pedagogy
Edited by Bronwen Patricia Dyson
Students Writing in the University
Edited by Carys Jones, Joan Turner and Brian Street
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 8] 2000.  xxiv, 232 pp.
Task-Based Language Learning – Insights from and for L2 Writing
Edited by Heidi Byrnes and Rosa M. Manchón
[Task-Based Language Teaching, 7] 2014.  xi, 312 pp.
ARAL 38:3
Teachers’ Plurilingual Identities in Transnational Contexts
Edited by Clea Schmidt and Antoinette Gagné
ARAL 36:3
Teaching Creole-Speaking Children
Edited by Gillian Wigglesworth
Z 64
Text and Technology
Edited by Mona Baker, Gill Francis and Elena Tognini-Bonelli
[Not in series, 64] 1993.  xii, 361 pp.
CILT 195
Textual Parameters in Older Languages
Edited by Susan C. Herring, Pieter van Reenen and Lene Schøsler
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 195] 2000.  x, 448 pp.
Theories of Reading Development
Edited by Kate Cain, Donald L. Compton and Rauno K. Parrila
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 15] 2017.  vii, 534 pp.
Tone Orthography and Literacy
Edited by David Roberts and Stephen L. Walter
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 18] 2021.  xxii, 375 pp.
P&bns 19
Towards a Critical Sociology of Reading Pedagogy
Edited by Carolyn Baker and Allan Luke
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 19] 1991.  xxi, 287 pp.
BCT 51
Typology of Writing Systems
Edited by S. Borgwaldt and Terry Joyce
[Benjamins Current Topics, 51] 2013.  viii, 163 pp.
WL&L 14:1
Typology of writing systems
Edited by S. Borgwaldt and Terry Joyce
[Written Language & Literacy, 14:1] 2011.  v, 159 pp.
WL&L 21:1
Understanding Writing Systems
Edited by Merijn Beeksma and Martin Neef
[Written Language & Literacy, 21:1] 2018.  v, 145 pp.
WL&L 15:2
Units of Language – Units of Writing
Edited by Terry Joyce and David Roberts
[Written Language & Literacy, 15:2] 2012.  v, 140 pp.
NSS 29
Untersuchungen zu den Gründungsdokumenten der färöischen Rechtschreibung
Christer Lindqvist
[NOWELE Supplement Series, 29] 2018.  xx, 312 pp. (incl. CD-Rom)
Varieties of English in Writing
Edited by Raymond Hickey
[Varieties of English Around the World, G41] 2010.  x, 378 pp.
Web Site Design is Communication Design
Thea M. van der Geest
[Document Design Companion Series, 2] 2001.  viii, 165 pp.
Why Writing Matters
Edited by Awena Carter, Theresa Lillis and Sue Parkin
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 12] 2009.  xxxii, 254 pp.
Writing Development
Edited by Clotilde Pontecorvo
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 6] 1997.  xxxii, 338 pp.
WL&L 22:2
Writing Systems
Edited by Terry Joyce and Robert Crellin
[Written Language & Literacy, 22:2] 2019.  v, 142 pp.
WL&L 12:2
Writing Systems and Linguistic Structure
Edited by Sang-Oak Lee
[Written Language & Literacy, 12:2] 2009.  iv, 134 pp.
Writing and Identity
Roz Ivanič
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 5] 1998.  xiii, 373 pp.
LL&LT 56
Writing and Language Learning
Edited by Rosa M. Manchón
[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 56] 2020.  vii, 432 pp.
Writing and Literacy in Chinese, Korean and Japanese
Insup Taylor and M. Martin Taylor
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 14] 2014.  xix, 487 pp.
Writing and Literacy in Chinese, Korean and Japanese
Insup Taylor and M. Martin Taylor
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 3] 1995.  xiii, 412 pp.
P&bns 67
Writing in Nonstandard English
Edited by Irma Taavitsainen, Gunnel Melchers and Päivi Pahta
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 67] 2000.  viii, 404 pp.
Z 194
Writing(s) at the Crossroads
Edited by Georgeta Cislaru
[Not in series, 194] 2015.  vi, 304 pp.
P&bns 141
Written Communication across Cultures
Yunxia Zhu
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 141] 2005.  xviii, 216 pp.
Z 41
Written Language Revisited
Josef Vachek
[Not in series, 41] 1989.  xiv, 220 pp.
WL&L 17:2
The architecture of writing systems
Edited by Kristian Berg, Franziska Buchmann and Nanna Fuhrhop
[Written Language & Literacy, 17:2] 2014.  viii, 142 pp.