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Z 231
The Art and Architecture of Academic Writing
Patricia Prinz and Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir
[Not in series, 231] 2021.  xiv, 291 pp. + index
LAL 38
Negation, Expectation and Ideology in Written Texts
Lisa Nahajec
[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 38] 2021.  xiii, 212 pp. + index
Tone Orthography and Literacy
Edited by David Roberts and Stephen L. Walter
[Studies in Written Language and Literacy, 18] 2021.  xx, 431 pp. + index
LL&LT 56
Writing and Language Learning
Edited by Rosa M. Manchón
[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 56] 2020.  vii, 432 pp.