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DoWI 8
Action Research
Edited by Davydd J. Greenwood
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 8] 1999.  x, 283 pp.
DoWI 15
Action Research in Workplace Innovation and Regional Development
Edited by Werner Fricke and Peter Totterdill
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 15] 2004.  x, 356 pp.
DoWI 2
Beyond Theory
Edited by Stephen Toulmin and Bjørn Gustavsen
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 2] 1996.  viii, 233 pp.
AiOS 1
Changing Work Relationships in Industrialized Economies
Edited by Işik Urla Zeytinoğlu
[Advances in Organization Studies, 1] 1999.  xx, 256 pp.
AiOS 10
The Civilized Organization
Edited by Ad van Iterson, Willem Mastenbroek, Tim Newton and Dennis Smith
[Advances in Organization Studies, 10] 2002.  xxviii, 252 pp.
DoWI 3
Concept-Driven Development and the Organization of the Process of Change
Bjørn Gustavsen, Bernd Hofmaier, Marianne Ekman Philips and Anders Wikman
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 3] 1996.  ix, 198 pp.
DoWI 13
Creating Connectedness
Bjørn Gustavsen, Håkon Finne and Bo Oscarsson
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 13] 2001.  x, 282 pp.
AiOS 5
Critically Constituting Organization
Andrew Chan
[Advances in Organization Studies, 5] 2000.  xvi, 150 pp.
DoWI 6
Development Coalitions in Working Life
Edited by Bjørn Gustavsen, Tom Colbjørnsen and Øyvind Pålshaugen
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 6] 1998.  xi, 153 pp.
Discourses of Post-Bureaucratic Organization
Rick A.M. Iedema
[Document Design Companion Series, 5] 2003.  xiv, 234 pp.
AiOS 4
Embedding Organizations
Edited by Marc Maurice and Arndt Sorge
[Advances in Organization Studies, 4] 2000.  x, 433 pp.
DoWI 5
The End of Organization Theory?
Øyvind Pålshaugen
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 5] 1999.  vi, 149 pp.
AiOS 2
The End of the ‘Asian Model’?
Edited by Holger Henke and Ian Boxill
[Advances in Organization Studies, 2] 2000.  x, 217 pp.
DoWI 12
European Union Discourses on Un/employment
Peter Muntigl, Gilbert Weiss and Ruth Wodak
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 12] 2000.  viii, 235 pp.
The Evaluation of Language Regimes
Michele Gazzola
[Multilingualism and Diversity Management, 3] 2014.  xxi, 380 pp.
AiOS 6
Fashion and Utopia in Management Thinking
René ten Bos
[Advances in Organization Studies, 6] 2000.  xvii, 224 pp.
P&bns 124
Getting Things Done at Work
Bernadette Vine
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 124] 2004.  x, 278 pp.
AiOS 9
Management and Organization Paradoxes
Edited by Stewart R. Clegg
[Advances in Organization Studies, 9] 2002.  vii, 330 pp.
AiOS 11
Narratives We Organize By
Edited by Barbara Czarniawska and Pasquale Gagliardi
[Advances in Organization Studies, 11] 2003.  x, 276 pp.
AiOS 3
National Capitalisms, Global Competition, and Economic Performance
Edited by Sigrid Quack, Glenn Morgan and Richard Whitley
[Advances in Organization Studies, 3] 2000.  xii, 322 pp.
P&bns 65
The Organizing Property of Communication
François Cooren
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 65] 2000.  xvi, 272 pp.
Power Without Domination
Edited by Eric Grillo
DoWI 1
Public Sector Transformation
Frieder Naschold † and Casten von Otter
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 1] 1996.  vi, 176 pp.
Reading and Writing Public Documents
Edited by Daniël Janssen and Rob Neutelings
[Document Design Companion Series, 1] 2001.  vi, 304 pp.
DoWI 14
Researching Enterprise Development
Edited by Morten Levin
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 14] 2002.  viii, 267 pp.
DoWI 10
Resources for Renewal
Edited by Satu Kalliola and Risto Nakari
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 10] 1999.  iv, 177 pp.
DoWI 4
Merrelyn Emery
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 4] 1999.  xxiv, 258 pp.
AiOS 12
The Spatial Construction of Organization
Tor Hernes
[Advances in Organization Studies, 12] 2004.  xx, 165 pp.
DoWI 11
Using the Lamp instead of Looking into the Mirror
Ingrid Ljungberg van Beinum
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 11] 2000.  xviii, 187 pp.
Web Site Design is Communication Design
Thea M. van der Geest
[Document Design Companion Series, 2] 2001.  viii, 165 pp.
DoWI 7
Work Organization and Europe as a Development Coalition
Richard Ennals and Bjørn Gustavsen
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 7] 1999.  viii, 209 pp.
AiOS 7
Writing Organization
Carl Rhodes
[Advances in Organization Studies, 7] 2001.  xvi, 134 pp.