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Book Series



Z 127
Cognition and Technology
Edited by Barbara Gorayska and Jacob L. Mey
[Not in series, 127] 2004.  vi, 369 pp.
LD 11:1
Dialogic Matters
Edited by Theresa R. Castor
[Language and Dialogue, 11:1] 2021.  v, 170 pp.
LD 7:1
Dialogue and Ethics
Edited by Ronald C. Arnett and François Cooren
[Language and Dialogue, 7:1] 2017.  v, 133 pp.
LD 10:1
Dialogue and Ways of Relating
Edited by Huey-Rong Chen
[Language and Dialogue, 10:1] 2020.  v, 145 pp.
LD 9:1
Dialogue in institutional settings
Edited by Franca Orletti and Letizia Caronia
[Language and Dialogue, 9:1] 2019.  v, 190 pp.
Z 168
Homo Symbolicus
Edited by Christopher S. Henshilwood and Francesco d'Errico
[Not in series, 168] 2011.  xi, 237 pp.
Z 145
In Hot Pursuit of Language in Prehistory
Edited by John D. Bengtson
[Not in series, 145] 2008.  xxiv, 476 pp.
LD 8:1
Integrating dialogue
Edited by Răzvan Săftoiu and Adrian Pablé
[Language and Dialogue, 8:1] 2018.  v, 179 pp.
SiN 10
Oral History
Edited by Marta Kurkowska-Budzan and Krzysztof Zamorski
[Studies in Narrative, 10] 2009.  xviii, 224 pp.
LD 6:1
Writing in interaction
Edited by Lorenza Mondada
[Language and Dialogue, 6:1] 2016.  v, 204 pp.