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Alignment in Communication
Edited by Ipke Wachsmuth, Jan de Ruiter, Petra Jaecks and Stefan Kopp
[Advances in Interaction Studies, 6] 2013.  viii, 231 pp.
Analysing Citizenship Talk
Edited by Heiko Hausendorf and Alfons Bora
Z 127
Cognition and Technology
Edited by Barbara Gorayska and Jacob L. Mey
[Not in series, 127] 2004.  vi, 369 pp.
Z 230
T. Givón
[Not in series, 230] 2020.  xi, 293 pp.
P&bns 313
Complimenting Behavior and (Self-)Praise across Social Media
Edited by María Elena Placencia and Zohreh R. Eslami
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 313] 2020.  xi, 315 pp. + index
LD 11:1
Dialogic Matters
Edited by Theresa R. Castor
[Language and Dialogue, 11:1] 2021.  v, 170 pp.
LD 7:1
Dialogue and Ethics
Edited by Ronald C. Arnett and François Cooren
[Language and Dialogue, 7:1] 2017.  v, 133 pp.
LD 10:1
Dialogue and Ways of Relating
Edited by Huey-Rong Chen
[Language and Dialogue, 10:1] 2020.  v, 145 pp.
LD 9:1
Dialogue in institutional settings
Edited by Franca Orletti and Letizia Caronia
[Language and Dialogue, 9:1] 2019.  v, 190 pp.
Discourse Studies in Public Communication
Edited by Eliecer Crespo-Fernández
The Evaluation of Language Regimes
Michele Gazzola
[Multilingualism and Diversity Management, 3] 2014.  xxi, 380 pp.
Explorations in the Sociology of Language and Religion
Edited by Tope Omoniyi and Joshua A. Fishman †
CLU 21
Growing up on the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea
Barbara Senft and Gunter Senft
[Culture and Language Use, 21] 2018.  xxv, 248 pp.
BCT 31
Historical Sociopragmatics
Edited by Jonathan Culpeper
[Benjamins Current Topics, 31] 2011.  vii, 135 pp.
P&bns 321
How Emotions Are Made in Talk
Edited by Jessica S. Robles and Ann Weatherall
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 321] 2021.  xvii, 292 pp.
LD 8:1
Integrating dialogue
Edited by Răzvan Săftoiu and Adrian Pablé
[Language and Dialogue, 8:1] 2018.  v, 179 pp.
BTL 114
Literary Translation in Modern Iran
Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam
[Benjamins Translation Library, 114] 2014.  xix, 236 pp.
CLU 22
Metasex – The Discourse of Intimacy and Transgression
Anne Storch and Nico Nassenstein
[Culture and Language Use, 22] 2020.  ix, 132 pp.
SiN 7
Multiple Case Narrative
Asher Shkedi
[Studies in Narrative, 7] 2005.  xvi, 210 pp.
New Frontiers in Human–Robot Interaction
Edited by Kerstin Dautenhahn and Joe Saunders
[Advances in Interaction Studies, 2] 2011.  vi, 332 pp.
DS 12
The Promise of Dialogue
Louise Phillips
[Dialogue Studies, 12] 2011.  x, 198 pp.
BTL 67
Sociocultural Aspects of Translating and Interpreting
Edited by Anthony Pym, Miriam Shlesinger † and Zuzana Jettmarová
[Benjamins Translation Library, 67] 2006.  viii, 255 pp.
Sociology of Discourse
Óscar García Agustín
LD 6:1
Writing in interaction
Edited by Lorenza Mondada
[Language and Dialogue, 6:1] 2016.  v, 204 pp.