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LI 36:2
Adverbes et compléments adverbiaux / Adverbs and adverbial complements
Edited by Jan Radimský and Ignazio Mauro Mirto
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes, 36:2] 2013.  v, 149 pp.
TERM 11:1
Application-Driven Terminology Engineering
Edited by Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Anne Condamines and M. Teresa Cabré Castellví
[Terminology, 11:1] 2005.  231 pp.
Application-Driven Terminology Engineering
Edited by Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Anne Condamines and M. Teresa Cabré Castellví
[Benjamins Current Topics, 2] 2007.  vii, 203 pp.
The BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English
Compiled by Morton Benson, Evelyn Benson and Robert F. Ilson
[Not in series, BBI] 2010.  xxxix, 462 pp.
The BBI Dictionary of English Word Combinations
Morton Benson, Evelyn Benson, Robert F. Ilson and Richard Young
[Not in series, BBI S] 1991.  x, 58 pp.; xl, 386 pp. + key
SCL 56
Biomedical English
Edited by Isabel Verdaguer, Natalia Judith Laso and Danica Salazar
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 56] 2013.  xiii, 214 pp.
TERM 24:1
Computational terminology and filtering of terminological information
Edited by Patrick Drouin, Natalia Grabar, Thierry Hamon, Kyo Kageura and Koichi Takeuchi
[Terminology, 24:1] 2018.  v, 147 pp.
P&bns 168
Conceptual Structure in Lexical Items
Kristel Proost
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 168] 2007.  xii, 304 pp.
CAL 22
Edited by Benjamin Lyngfelt, Lars Borin, Kyoko Ohara and Tiago Timponi Torrent
[Constructional Approaches to Language, 22] 2018.  viii, 313 pp.
CILT 171
Contrastive Lexical Semantics
Edited by Edda Weigand
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 171] 1998.  x, 270 pp.
SCL 11
Defining Language
Geoff Barnbrook
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 11] 2002.  xvi, 281 pp.
Diachronic Studies in Lexicology, Affixation, Phonology
Yakov Malkiel
[Not in series, EAI 2] 1992.  vi, 312 pp.
Dictionary Visions, Research and Practice
Edited by Henrik Gottlieb and Jens Erik Mogensen
LI 42:1
Differential objects and datives – a homogeneous class?
Edited by Monica Alexandrina Irimia and Anna Pineda
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes, 42:1] 2019.  v, 131 pp.
Dynamics and Terminology
Edited by Rita Temmerman and Marc Van Campenhoudt
CILT 296
English Historical Linguistics 2006
Edited by Richard Dury, Maurizio Gotti and Marina Dossena
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 296] 2008.  xiii, 264 pp.
CILT 295-297
English Historical Linguistics 2006
Edited by Marina Dossena, Richard Dury and Maurizio Gotti
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 295-297] 2008.  ca. 760 pp.
English Words Abroad
Manfred Görlach
Essays on Definition
Juan C. Sager
Essays on Terminology
Alain Rey
[Benjamins Translation Library, 9] 1995.  xiv, 223 pp.
SCL 35
Exploring the Lexis–Grammar Interface
Edited by Ute Römer and Rainer Schulze
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 35] 2009.  vi, 321 pp.
TERM 23:1
Food and terminology
Edited by Rita Temmerman and Danièle Dubois
[Terminology, 23:1] 2017.  vi, 179 pp.
TSL 82-83
Formulaic Language
Edited by Roberta Corrigan, Edith A. Moravcsik, Hamid Ouali and Kathleen Wheatley
[Typological Studies in Language, 82-83] 2009.  724 pp.
Fraseología, Diatopía y Traducción / Phraseology, Diatopic Variation and Translation
Edited by Pedro Mogorrón Huerta and Antonio Albaladejo-Martínez
LI 33:2
French Syntax in Contrast
Edited by Karen Lahousse, Béatrice Lamiroy and Kristel Van Goethem
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes, 33:2] 2010.  vi, 170 pp.
SiHoLS 119
German Colour Terms
William Jervis Jones
HoT 1
Handbook of Terminology
Edited by Hendrik J. Kockaert and Frieda Steurs
[Handbook of Terminology, 1] 2015.  xix, 539 pp.
HoT 2
Handbook of Terminology
Edited by Abied Alsulaiman and Ahmed Allaithy
[Handbook of Terminology, 2] 2019.  vi, 267 pp.
SiHoLS 40
The History of Lexicography
Edited by R.R.K. Hartmann
HCP 17
Idiomatic Creativity
Andreas Langlotz
[Human Cognitive Processing, 17] 2006.  xii, 326 pp.
Indeterminacy in Terminology and LSP
Edited by Bassey E. Antia
Insular Toponymies
Joshua Nash
[Culture and Language Use, 9] 2013.  xiv, 302 pp.
BJL 27
Interference and normalization in genre-controlled multilingual corpora
Edited by Marie-Aude Lefer and Svetlana Vogeleer
[Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 27] 2013.  v, 134 pp.
SCL 41
Keyness in Texts
Edited by Marina Bondi and Mike Scott
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 41] 2010.  vi, 251 pp.
SCL 74
Language Periphery
Compiled and edited by František Čermák, Jan Čermák, Zora Obstová and Marie Vachková
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 74] 2016.  vi, 108 pp. + index
Impact 38
Language and Material Culture
Allison Paige Burkette
The Lexical Basis of Sentence Processing
Edited by Paola Merlo and Suzanne Stevenson
[Natural Language Processing, 4] 2002.  viii, 363 pp.
Lexical Creativity, Texts and Contexts
Edited by Judith Munat
CILT 114
Lexical Knowledge in the Organization of Language
Edited by Urs Egli, Peter E. Pause, Christoph Schwarze, Arnim von Stechow and Götz Wienold
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 114] 1995.  xiv, 367 pp.
Lexical Semantics for Terminology
Marie-Claude L'Homme
LI 39:2
Lexical plurals and beyond
Edited by Peter Lauwers and Marie Lammert
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes, 39:2] 2016.  v, 201 pp.
TERM 20:2
Lexical semantic approaches to terminology
Edited by Pamela Faber and Marie-Claude L'Homme
[Terminology, 20:2] 2014.  v, 161 pp.
LIS 28
Lexical-Semantic Relations
Edited by Petra Storjohann
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes Supplementa, 28] 2010.  viii, 188 pp.
Lexicographic Description of English
Morton Benson, Evelyn Benson and Robert F. Ilson
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 14] 1986.  xiii, 275 pp
Lexicography in the 21st Century
Edited by Sandro Nielsen and Sven Tarp
CILT 194
Lexicology, Semantics and Lexicography
Edited by Julie Coleman and Christian Kay
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 194] 2000.  xiv, 257 pp.
LIS 24
Lexique, Syntaxe et Lexique-Grammaire / Syntax, Lexis & Lexicon-Grammar
Edited by Christian Leclère, Éric Laporte, Mireille Piot and Max Silberztein
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes Supplementa, 24] 2004.  xxii, 659 pp.
Lexis in Contrast
Edited by Bengt Altenberg and Sylviane Granger
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 7] 2002.  x, 339 pp.
BTL 12
Manual of Specialised Lexicography
Edited by Henning Bergenholtz and Sven Tarp
[Benjamins Translation Library, 12] 1995.  256 pp.
Meaning and Lexicography
Edited by Jerzy Tomaszczyk and Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk
BCT 47
Methodological and Analytic Frontiers in Lexical Research
Edited by Gary Libben, Gonia Jarema and Chris Westbury
[Benjamins Current Topics, 47] 2012.  x, 465 pp.
LI 37:2
Morphology and its interfaces
Edited by Dany Amiot, Delphine Tribout, Natalia Grabar, Cédric Patin and Fayssal Tayalati
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes, 37:2] 2014.  vi, 168 pp.
Multiple Perspectives on Terminological Variation
Edited by Patrick Drouin, Aline Francœur, John Humbley and Aurélie Picton
TERM 18:1
Neology in Specialized Communication
Edited by M. Teresa Cabré Castellví, Rosa Estopà Bagot and Chelo Vargas-Sierra
[Terminology, 18:1] 2012.  v, 148 pp.
CILT 251-252
New Perspectives on English Historical Linguistics
Edited by Christian Kay
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 251-252] 2004.  559 pp.
CILT 252
New Perspectives on English Historical Linguistics
Edited by Christian Kay, Carole Hough and Irené Wotherspoon
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 252] 2004.  xii, 271 pp.
TERM 14:1
Pattern-based Approaches to Semantic Relation Extraction
Edited by Alain Auger and Caroline Barrière
[Terminology, 14:1] 2008.  160 pp.
Z 44
A Practical Course in Terminology Processing
Juan C. Sager
[Not in series, 44] 1990.  xi, 258 pp.
A Practical Guide to Lexicography
Edited by Piet van Sterkenburg
TERM 12:2
Processing of Terms in Specialized Dictionaries
Edited by Marie-Claude L'Homme
[Terminology, 12:2] 2006.  136 pp.
Progress in Colour Studies
Edited by Carole P. Biggam and Christian Kay
[Not in series, PICS 1] 2006.  xii, 223 pp.
Progress in Colour Studies
Edited by Carole P. Biggam, Christian Kay and Nicola Pitchford
[Not in series, PICS S] 2006.  xii, 223 pp. & xiv, 237 pp.
Recent Advances in Computational Terminology
Edited by Didier Bourigault, Christian Jacquemin and Marie-Claude L'Homme
[Natural Language Processing, 2] 2001.  xviii, 380 pp.
TERM 10:1
Recent Trends in Computational Terminology
Edited by Béatrice Daille, Kyo Kageura, Hiroshi Nakagawa and Lee-Feng Chien
[Terminology, 10:1] 2004.  vi, 182 pp.
SCL 47
Researching Specialized Languages
Edited by Vijay Bhatia, Purificación Sánchez and Pascual Pérez-Paredes
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 47] 2011.  viii, 238 pp.
LIS 30
Ressources Lexicales
Sous la direction de Núria Gala et Michael Zock
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes Supplementa, 30] 2013.  xii, 364 pp.
Z 65
Russian-English Dictionary of Verbal Collocations
Morton Benson and Evelyn Benson
[Not in series, 65] 1993.  xviii, 269 pp.
LI 35:2
SMS Communication: A linguistic approach
Edited by Louise-Amélie Cougnon and Cédrick Fairon
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes, 35:2] 2012.  viii, 261 pp.
LI 38:2
Spanish Phraseology
Edited by Pedro Mogorrón Huerta and Xavier Blanco
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes, 38:2] 2015.  v, 159 pp.
Spanish Word Formation and Lexical Creation
Edited by José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia and Susana Rodríguez Rosique
Z 28
A Spectrum of Lexicography
Edited by Robert F. Ilson
[Not in series, 28] 1987.  ix, 158 pp.
LA 1
Studien zur Modernen Deutschen Lexikographie
Ruth Klappenbach (1911–1977)
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 1] 1980.  xxiii, 313 pp.
TERM 15:1
Teaching and Learning Terminology
Edited by Amparo Alcina
[Terminology, 15:1] 2009.  149 pp.
TERM 21:2
Terminology across Languages and Domains
Edited by Patrick Drouin, Natalia Grabar, Thierry Hamon and Kyo Kageura
[Terminology, 21:2] 2015.  v, 153 pp.
Text Corpora and Multilingual Lexicography
Edited by Wolfgang Teubert
[Benjamins Current Topics, 8] 2007.  x, 162 pp.
Text Corpora and Multilingual Lexicography
Wolfgang Teubert
[International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, 6:SI] 2001.  iv, 170 pp.
LI 40:1
Transitivity and Valency
Edited by Georgia Fotiadou and Hélène Vassiliadou
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes, 40:1] 2017.  v, 133 pp.
Z 40
Translation and Lexicography
Edited by Mary Snell-Hornby and Esther Pöhl
[Not in series, 40] 1989.  238 pp.
TERM 17:1
The dynamics of terms in specialized communication: An interdisciplinary perspective
Edited by Rita Temmerman and Marc Van Campenhoudt
[Terminology, 17:1] 2011.  v, 180 pp.