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Book Series



TERM 11:1
Application-Driven Terminology Engineering
Edited by Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Anne Condamines and M. Teresa Cabré Castellví
[Terminology, 11:1] 2005.  231 pp.
TERM 24:1
Computational terminology and filtering of terminological information
Edited by Patrick Drouin, Natalia Grabar, Thierry Hamon, Kyo Kageura and Koichi Takeuchi
[Terminology, 24:1] 2018.  v, 147 pp.
TERM 23:1
Food and terminology
Edited by Rita Temmerman and Danièle Dubois
[Terminology, 23:1] 2017.  vi, 179 pp.
TERM 20:2
Lexical semantic approaches to terminology
Edited by Pamela Faber and Marie-Claude L'Homme
[Terminology, 20:2] 2014.  v, 161 pp.
TERM 18:1
Neology in Specialized Communication
Edited by M. Teresa Cabré Castellví, Rosa Estopà and Chelo Vargas-Sierra
[Terminology, 18:1] 2012.  v, 148 pp.
TERM 14:1
Pattern-based Approaches to Semantic Relation Extraction
Edited by Alain Auger and Caroline Barrière
[Terminology, 14:1] 2008.  160 pp.
TERM 12:2
Processing of Terms in Specialized Dictionaries
Edited by Marie-Claude L'Homme
[Terminology, 12:2] 2006.  136 pp.
TERM 10:1
Recent Trends in Computational Terminology
Edited by Béatrice Daille, Kyo Kageura, Hiroshi Nakagawa and Lee-Feng Chien
[Terminology, 10:1] 2004.  vi, 182 pp.
TERM 15:1
Teaching and Learning Terminology
Edited by Amparo Alcina
[Terminology, 15:1] 2009.  149 pp.
TERM 21:2
Terminology across Languages and Domains
Edited by Patrick Drouin, Natalia Grabar, Thierry Hamon and Kyo Kageura
[Terminology, 21:2] 2015.  v, 153 pp.
TERM 25:2
Terminology and e-dictionaries
Edited by Amparo Alcina, Rute Costa and Christophe Roche
[Terminology, 25:2] 2019.  v, 152 pp.
TERM 27:1
Terminology as a Societal Resource
Edited by Nina Pilke, Niina Nissilä and Hans Landqvist
[Terminology, 27:1] 2021.  vi, 177 pp.
TERM 17:1
The dynamics of terms in specialized communication: An interdisciplinary perspective
Edited by Rita Temmerman and Marc Van Campenhoudt
[Terminology, 17:1] 2011.  v, 180 pp.