Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

21 May 2020

Language contact through translation: The influence of explicitness in English–Chinese translation on language change in vernacular Chinese
Shuangzi Pang and Kefei Wang
Translaboration in the rehearsal room: Translanguaging as collaborative responsibility in bilingual devised theatre
Kerstin Pfeiffer, Michael Richardson and Svenja Wurm

6 April 2020

Review of Gonne (2017) Contrebande littéraire et culturelle à la belle époque. Le « hard labour » de Georges Eekhoud entre Anvers, Paris et Bruxelles
Reviewed by Kris Peeters

23 March 2020

Review of Malmkjær (2020) Translation and Creativity
Reviewed by Massimiliano Morini

20 February 2020

Multimodal corpus analysis of subtitling: The case of non-standard varieties
Sara Ramos Pinto and Aishah Mubaraki

14 January 2020

Review of O’Sullivan & Cornu (2019) The Translation of Films 1900–1950
Reviewed by Łukasz Bogucki
Review of Zhao (2018) 翻译与现代中国
Reviewed by Jiyong Geng and Qiang Pi
Review of Xu (2018) 改革开放以来中国翻译研究概论 (1978–2018)
Reviewed by Jianghua Qin

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