Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

4 October 2021

A methodology of translatological and sociological cooperation in data collection, analysis, and interpretation
Jitka Zehnalová and Helena Kubátová | 23 pp.

8 September 2021

Can a corpus-driven lexical analysis of human and machine translation unveil discourse features that set them apart?
Ana Frankenberg-Garcia | 31 pp.

2 September 2021

Review of Kaindl, Kolb & Schlager (2021): Literary Translator Studies
Reviewed by Lin Chen | 6 pp.

11 August 2021

The translation of extralinguistic cultural references in subtitling: An investigation of translation fidelity in Chinese films
Wei Chen, Takeshi Nakamoto and Juan Zhang | 29 pp.

13 July 2021

Theorising translation as a process of ‘cultural repatriation’: A promising merger of narrative theory and Bourdieu’s theory of cultural transfer
Kalliopi Pasmatzi | 30 pp.

5 July 2021

“Good translating is very hard work” Karl Popper, translation theorist in spite of himself
Spencer Hawkins | 34 pp.

25 May 2021

Review of Fólica, Roig-Sanz & Caristia (2020): Literary Translation in Periodicals: Methodological Challenges for a Transnational Approach
Dirk Delabastita | 5 pp.
On norms and taboo: An analysis of professional subtitling through data triangulation
Catarina Xavier | 31 pp.

7 May 2021

Review of D’hulst & Koskinen (2020): Translating in Town: Local Translation Policies During the European 19th Century
Reviewed by Yuxia Gao and Riccardo Moratto | 6 pp.

20 April 2021

An intermodal approach to cohesion in constrained and unconstrained language
Marta Kajzer-Wietrzny | 33 pp.

9 April 2021

Simple and complex cognitive modelling in oblique translation strategies in a corpus of English–Spanish drama film titles: Spanish drama film titles
María Sandra Peña Cervel and Carla Ovejas Ramírez | 32 pp.

21 January 2021

Review of Gerber & Qi (2021): A Century of Chinese Literature in Translation (1919–2019): English Publication and Reception
Reviewed by Quangong Feng | 5 pp.
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