The BBI Dictionary of English Word Combinations

Revised edition

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ISBN 9789027221667 (Eur)
ISBN 9781556195204 (USA)
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Speak and write perfect English!

  • The BBI Dictionary of English Word Combinations tells you which words go together in English and which words do not.
  • The BBI will help you master the difficulties of common but unpredictable English phrases and word combinations.
  • The BBI shows key differences between American and British English.
  • The BBI helps you decide about word combinations that are on the tip of your tongue.
  • The BBI gives more grammatical information than any other existing dictionary in easy steps.
  • Get the BBI Workbook to teach yourself.
  • The BBI has proved its value to hundreds of thousands of users.
  • The BBI 2nd revised edition is made fully up to date with modern British and American usage, and now includes 20% more information.
  • The BBI is a source of inspiration and will be your mentor and guide for speaking and writing perfect English.
This revised edition of the BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English, is an expanded and updated version of the First Edition (1986) and its New Printing (1993), both of which were very favorably received. In this new edition, the contents of the BBI have been increased by over 20%.

In selecting new material, the authors have made use of a variety of sources, such as:

  1. comments and suggestions from over fifty reviews published in journals throughout the world;
  2. additions to the bilingual editions of the BBI, specifically the Maruzen edition (Tokyo, 1993) and the Longman Dictionary of English Collocations (Hong Kong, 1995);
  3. comments and suggestions from users of the BBI.

“This dictionary is a must-have for learners of English as a foreign language. It also will be a plus for the library reference collection in order to serve a diversified user group.”
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