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Bang, Jorgen C. and Jorgen Døør. 1979. Language, theory and conditions for production. In Mey, Jacob L., ed. Pragmalinguistics, theory and practice. Mouton. pp. 21–50.
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On the background of a Marxist political philosophy and philosophy of science, the authors make a critical analysis of some dominant linguistic and sociolinguistic theories. They discuss J.Lyons' (1968: 'Introduction to theoretical linguistics'), J.Habermas' 'universal pragmatics', the sociolinguistic theories of Basil Bernstein, and the investigation undertaken by K.Ehlich, J.Rehbein (1972: 'Zur Konstitution pragmatischer Einheiten in einer Institution'). Finally the authors develop an alternative conception of research as well as a different concept of language. They propose to study communicative competence in conflict-situations as a way of doing pragmatics.