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Senft, Gunter. 1992. As Time Goes By ...: Changes Observed In The Trobriand Islanders' Culture and Language, Milne Bay Province, papua New Guinea. In Dutton, Tom, ed. Culture change, language change: case studies from Melanesia. (Pacific Linguistics Series C-120). Australian National University. pp. 67–89.
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Australian National University


The paper describes the changes the author experienced and observed on the Trobriand Islands in the time between 1982 and 1989. It discusses aspects of cultural and language change with respect to the questions concerning who and/or what is responsible for these changes and whether they have to be regarded as signs of cultural and linguistic decay and impoverishment or simply phenomena in which the natural course of events manifests itself. The essay ends with some suggestions as to what can be done given the Trobriand islands situation as it is – or, to be more accurate, as the author sees it – to steer change in a direction beneficial to the people and the culture.