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Linell, Per. 1998. Approaching Dialogue: Talk, interaction and contexts in dialogical perspectives. (IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society 3). John Benjamins. xvii + 322 pp.
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Book – monograph
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This book focuses primarily on the theoretical understanding and empirical analysis of talk-in-interaction. People's communicative projects, and the structures and functions of talk-in-interaction, are analyzed from the most local sequences to the comprehensive communicative activity types and genres. A second aim of the book is to explore the possibilities and limitations of dialogism as a general epistemology for cognition and communication. On this point, it portrays the dialogical approach as a major alternative to the mainstream theories of cognition as individually-based information processing, communication as information transfer, and language as a code. Stressing aspects of interaction, joint construction and cultural embeddedness, and drawing upon extensive theoretical and empirical research carried out in different traditions, this book aims at an integrating synthesis.

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