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Culpeper, Jonathan and Elena Semino. 2002. Cognitive Stylistics. Language and cognition in text analysis. (Linguistic approaches to literature 1). John Benjamins. 333 pp.
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Book – monograph
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This book represents the state of the art in cognitive stylistics, a rapidly expanding field at the interface between linguistics, literary studies and cognitive science. The twelve chapters combine linguistic analysis with insights from cognitive psychology and cognitive linguistics in order to arrive at innovative accounts of a range of literary and textual phenomena. The chapters cover a variety of literary texts, periods, and genres, including poetry, fictional and non-fictional narratives, and plays. Some of the chapters provide new approaches to phenomena that have a long tradition in literary and linguistic studies (such as humour, characterisation, figurative language, and metre), others focus on phenomena that have not yet received adequate attention (such as split-selves phenomena, mind style, and spatial language).