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Nekvapil, Jiří and Jan Chloupek, eds. 1987. Reader in Czech Sociolinguistics. John Benjamins. 344 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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Although in Czechoslovakia sociolinguistics is not institutionalized, some results and approaches of Czech linguistics appear to be sociolinguistic, and that from the viewpoint of other linguistic and scientific traditions in general. The socio-component' of Czech linguistics took shape as early as between the two world wars in the activity of the Prague Linguistic School, and is influenced in a positive way also by a contemporary philosophico-ideological climate. The contents of the present volume include contributions of prominent Czech linguists, especially research workers from academic and university institutions. The papers concentrate on four general subjects: 1) methodological problems, 2) the theory of standard language and language culture, 3) presentation of the linguistic situation in Czechoslovakia, 4) communication in small social groups. All papers are written in English. The volume is primarily intended for those concerned with general linguistics, sociolinguistics, Slavonic studies and Czech studies.