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Campbell, Lyle and Marja-Liisa Helasvuo, eds. 2006. Grammar from the Human Perspective: Case, space and person in Finnish. (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 277). John Benjamins. x+280 pp.
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The papers of this volume investigate how grammar codes the subjective viewpoint of human language users, that is, how grammar reflects human conceptualization. Some of the articles deal with spatial relations and locations. They discuss how basic attributes of human conceptualization are encoded in the grammatical expression of spatial relations. Other articles concern embodiment in language, showing how conceptualization is mediated by one’s embodied experience of the world and ourselves. Finally, some of the articles discuss coding of person focusing on the subjectivity of conceptualization and how it is reflected in grammar. The articles show that conceptualization reflects the speaker’s construal of the situation, and furthermore, that it is intersubjective because it reflects the speaker’s understanding of the relations between the speech act participants. The papers deal with Finnish, utilizing the rich resources of Finnish grammar to contribute to issues in contemporary linguistics and in particular to Cognitive Grammar.