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Watkins, Michael and Barbara O. Baptista, eds. 2006. English with a Latin Beat: Studies in Portuguese/Spanish – English Interphonology. (Studies in Bilingualism 31). Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company. vi+214 pp.
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Although it has long been recognized that second language pronunciation is strongly influenced by the native language, second language phonology has only become a recognized area of study during the last thirty years. While English has been the most frequent target language involved, the learners' L1s have varied greatly. This is the first collection to gather together studies involving English learners whose L1 is Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese, two closely-related languages with important phonological differences. The research covers vowel perception and production, syllable simplification strategies, word and compound stress, and vowel reduction. While the papers confirm the important role of the native language, they also shed light on the sometimes subtle and unexpected ways in which this variable interacts with universal markedness relationships to determine the formation of phonetic categories and their use in perception and production.