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Ehlich, Konrad, ed. 2007. Sprache und sprachliches Handeln. Band 1: Pragmatik und Sprachtheorie. Band 2: Prozeduren des sprachlichen Handelns. Band 3: Diskurs – Narration – Text – Schrift. [Language and Linguistic Action: Writings on Linguistics.] De Gruyter. vi+492 pp.+ 397 pp.+ VII+ 799 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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The three volumes of this study on language and linguistic action, constitute the first compendium of the bases of a functional-pragmatic language theory. The first volume develops the profile of a functional-pragmatic perspective; the second investigates the use of linguistic procedures in language action; and the third focuses on the exploration of discourses in different action domains such as education, business or religion.