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Bada, Erdogan and Bilal Genç. 2008. Pausing preceding and following to in to-infinitives: A study with implications to reading and speaking skills in ELT. Journal of Pragmatics 40 (11) : 1939–1942.
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This paper addresses different silent pausing strategies used by native speakers of English in audio recordings in which they either comment on various themes of a previously watched film, or read aloud a mini Disney story. The paper focuses on pausing preceding and following the to particle in to-infinitive phrases and its duration. The findings of a different duration according to pausing position, partly justify the principles and parameters theory and may have important consequences for reading and speaking abilities of second language learners in general, and English as a foreign language learners in particular. Obtained results display significant differences between pausing preceding and following to both in spontaneous and read speech. While pausing preceding to was observed to be significantly longer than the following position in read speech, in spontaneous speech it was just the opposite. This observation, partly, justifies the theory of principles and parameters (PPT). Findings of this research may have significant implications for reading and speaking skills of EFL learners in particular, and L2 learners in general.