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Bowker, Lynne and Elizabeth Marshman. 2009. Better integration for better preparation: Bringing terminology and technology more fully into translator training using the CERTT approach. Terminology 15 (1) : 60–87.
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Teaching terminology is not only a goal in itself, but also an important part of teaching translation, and terminology tools are essential to teaching terminology effectively. However, electronic tools for translators and terminologists have often been relegated to a small number of courses within translation programs, preventing students from fully and realistically appreciating and evaluating their usefulness. This article presents some of the reasons why this has been the case, and proposes some potential solutions to the problem, including the creation of the Collection of Electronic Resources in Translation Technologies (CERTT), a centralized bank of resources to aid in the teaching of terminology and translation tools. This paper presents the idea behind CERTT, as well as its contents, design and philosophy.