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Friday-Òtún, J.O. 2010. Translating question propositions between English and Yoruba.The literal and idiomatic continuum. Babel 56 (3) : 219–236.
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This paper focuses on the aspect of question translation between English and Yoruba, using the literal and idiomatic continuum of translation proposed by Larson (1984), as the like question propositions are significant in the body of language knowledge among about 30 million Yoruba users of English in the western part of Nigeria and diaspora. The findings of the paper revealed that question translation between both languages affect the characteristics of language which affect translation. The similarities and peculiarities of each language as they affect the translation to Wh, Yes/no, Echo, Tag and Alternative questions in both languages were highlighted. Also underscored was the significance of translating question proposition between both languages in pedagogical and other contexts of communication.