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Vitanova, Gergana, ed. 2010. Authoring the Dialogic Self. Gender, agency and language practices. (Dialogue Studies 8). John Benjamins. VI+175 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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This book offers an interdisciplinary perspective on key socio-cultural aspects of second language learning. Building on Bakhtin’s philosophy of language and the self, it examines the complex intersections among gender, culture, and agency in the everyday discursive practices of immigrants. Bakhtin’s dialogic framework still remains on the periphery of second language acquisition research. The book embraces not only Bakhtin’s well-known notion of dialogue but also his core concepts of responsibility and ethics in the analysis of immigrants’ narrative samples. The significance of narratives is underscored throughout the book, and a dialogic, discourse-centered approach to narrative as a genre is suggested.