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Parodi, Giovanni, ed. 2010. Academic and Professional Discourse Genres in Spanish. (Studies in Corpus Linguistics 40). John Benjamins. XII+255 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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This volume offers a description and a deep examination of discourse genres across four disciplines (Psychology, Social Work, Industrial Chemistry, and Construction Engineering), in academic and professional settings. The study is based on one of the largest available corpus on disciplinary written discourse in Spanish (PUCV-2006 Corpus of Spanish containing almost 60 million words). Twelve chapters range from the theoretical guiding principles of the research in terms of genre conception, the detailed description of each corpus (academic and professional), computational analysis from multi-dimensional perspectives, and the qualitative analysis of two specialized genres (University Textbook and Disciplinary Text) in terms of their rhetorical macro-moves and moves. Theoretically speaking, a multi-dimensional perspective (social, linguistic and cognitive) is emphasized and special attention to the cognitive nature of discourse genres is supported.