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Jia, Wenshan. 2011. On the discourse of cultural China. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 21 (2) : 165–176.
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The discourse of Cultural China, formerly initiated by Tu Wei-ming two decades ago when China was at the crossroads, has played some major functions. First, it has affirmed the Chinese cultural identity. Furthermore, it offers an alternative lens for reading China in a non-ideological manner. Third, it has offered an alternative model of economic development which is sustainable. Finally, it has offered an alternative model for sustaining humanity. However, given the historic limitations of the concept of Cultural China such as stasis and homogeneity, the discourse of Cultural China should be transformed by a new concept such as Chiglobalization. Chiglobalization, an active global campaign of communication about Chinese culture, would hopefully integrate both the Eastern and the Western cultures into the cultural foundation and texture of the global village.