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Houwer, Annick De and Antje Wilton, eds. 2011. English in Europe Today. Sociocultural and educational perspectives. (AILA Applied Linguistics Series 8). John Benjamins. xi+170 pp.
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This volume discusses several facets of English in today's multilingual Europe. It emphasizes the interdependence between cultures, languages and situations that influence its use. This interdependence is particularly relevant to European settings where English is being learned as a second language. Such learning situations constitute the core focus of the book. The volume is unique in bringing together empirical studies examining factors that promote the learning of English in Europe. Rather than assuming that English is a threat to linguistic diversity and cultural independence, these studies discuss psycholinguistic factors such as the input, and sociolinguistic factors such as the type of English that is targeted in learning. The contributing authors are specialists who have worked on multilingualism, English as a Lingua Franca and second language acquisition.

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