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Broselow, Ellen and Hamid Ouali, eds. 2011. Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics. Papers from the annual symposia on Arabic Linguistics. Volume XXII-XXIII: College Park, Maryland, 2008 and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2009. (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 317). John Benjamins. xxvi+ 295 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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The present volume presents cutting-edge research on Arabic linguistics. It features a set of papers which continue a long tradition of seeking new explanations for familiar or previously undiscovered structural patterns. While the papers illustrate a range of approaches, from formalist to functionalist, each paper combines rigorous analysis of a set of Arabic data within the context of explicit models of some aspect of human language. The volume consists of three sections, the first section devoted to phonetics and phonology, the second to syntax, and the third to language acquisition and language contact.