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Selting, Margret and Friederike Kern, eds. 2011. Ethnic Styles of Speaking in European Metropolitan Areas. (Studies in Language Variation 8). John Benjamins. vi+321 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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In recent years, ethnic ways of speaking by young people with migrant background have become an important research object in sociolinguistics; work on these ways of speaking has been prospering in many European countries. This work is continued in the present volume, with the aim of bringing together various research designs which explore the phenomenon from different perspectives: correlational methodology of sociolinguistic research, conversation analytical and interactional linguistic methodology, and an ethnographic perspective on language use and the construction of social identities and social relations. The aim of the volume is to explore the scope of these different methodologies and to provide a basis for the discussion and evaluation of the theories of language variation associated with them. All papers focus on the description of the linguistic characteristics that constitute the non-standard structures of ethnic styles of speaking, and look into their various functions in discourse.

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