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Weilbacher, William M. 2011. Texas German discourse pragmatics. A preliminary study of the English-origin discourse markers of course, see, and now. In Putnam, Michael T., ed. Studies on German-Language Islands. (Studies in Language Companion Series 123). John Benjamins. pp. 475–478.
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John Benjamins


This article seeks to clarify the role that English-origin pragmatic discourse markers play in the speech of Texas German (TxG). The data in this study reveal that these elements function to lighten the cognitive load of the speaker by pragmatically indicating that the speaker is processing the upcoming utterance. This observation may be taken to indicate that for many TxG speakers English is (or has become) the pragmatically dominant language, however it does not rule out that these discourse markers are lexical items found in a unified mixed-code system.