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Chini, Marina. 2011. New linguistic minorities: repertoires, language maintenance and shift. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 2011 (210) : 47–69.
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This study discusses the sociolinguistic situation, linguistic repertoires and language use patterns of new, i.e. immigrant linguistic minorities, settled in Italy. It presents some data on language use and L1 maintenance and shift in various domains, and some remarks on the possible evolutions of the situation of these new linguistic minorities and on the eventual emergence of ethnolects. , with reference to their sociolinguistic situation, their linguistic repertoires and their patterns of language use. After a socio-demographic sketch, the possibility to apply the label of linguistic minority to immigrant groups in Italy is discussed and some potential new linguistic minorities are identified (i.e. minorities speaking varieties of Romanian, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Ukrainian, Spanish, English, Tagalog, etc.). Moreover, the structure of the immigrants' repertoire is discussed, with reference to some specific cases, and some quantitative and qualitative data on language use and L1 maintenance and shift in several domains are presented, on the basis of the relevant literature. Finally some remarks on the likely developments of the situation of new linguistic minorities in Italy and on the possible emergence of ethnolects in Italy are provided.