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Nekvapil, Jiří. 2012. Some thoughts on “noting“ in Language Management Theory and beyond. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 22 (2) : 160–173.
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John Benjamins
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This paper analyses how “noting“ has been conceptualized in the Language Management Framework originating in the work of Neustupný and Jernudd. It deals with the influence of the cognitivist concept of “noticing“ as used in the theories of Second Language Acquisition and instead proposes to assume the discursive approach of “noting“ inspired by Discursive Psychology and Conversation Analysis. It pays attention to the formulations and concrete words which people use to express that they “noted“ a phenomenon (be it linguistic, communicative or socio-cultural). Finally, it addresses micro-macro-linkage in the framework, namely, how “noting“ of everyday speakers connects to management acts performed by experts in institutions.