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Zlatkova, Gergana. 2012. Reported argumentation in economic-financial news. In Eemeren, F.H. van and Bart Garssen, eds. Exploring Argumentative Contexts. (Argumentation in Context 4). John Benjamins. pp. 377–392.
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John Benjamins


The present article deals with the argumentative function of reported speech in a specific discourse genre: economic-financial newspaper articles. Economic-financial discourse results are very interesting for the present investigation, at least, for two reasons. Firstly, being oriented towards the decision making of investors it is, for the most part, overtly or covertly argumentative. Secondly, the argumentation is, for the most part, attributed to expert sources. Theoretically, the research is based on the pragmatic and text linguistic research on reported discourse as well as on argumentation theory. The proposed integrated approach to reported speech combining linguistic and argumentation theoretic insights revealed the relations between linguistic characteristics of reported speech with its different argumentative functions.