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Sergio, Francesco Straniero. 2012. “You are not too funny”. Challenging the role of the interpreter on Italian talkshows. In Gavioli, Laura and Claudio Baraldi, eds. Coordinating Participation in Dialogue Interpreting. (Benjamins Translation Library 102). John Benjamins. pp. 71–98.
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Drawing on conversation analysis and politeness theory, this paper deals with repair, face-work and participation (footing) shifts in interpreter-mediated talkshows. In order to account for the specific features of this form of dialogue interpreting, the notion of ‘controlling participation’ is suggested as a more relevant alternative to that of ‘coordinating participation’. The paper discusses several types of other-correction and other-initiation as employed by primary speakers (usually the host) to address various aspects of the interpreter’s turn. Repairing actions, as well as other conversational moves (formulations, competitive interruptions, anticipatory completions) are described and characterized according to their face-threatening and role-challenging potential, as well the role they play as ‘part of the show’.