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Magda, Margareta Manu. 2012. Rumour in the present Romanian press: Aspects of knowledge sources and their linguistic markers. In Lorda, Clara and Patrick Zabalbeascoa, eds. Spaces of Polyphony. (Dialogue Studies 15). John Benjamins. pp. 175–188.
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The focus of this paper is public rumour as echoed in current Romanian press. It will mainly refer to journalistic discourse, in a monologic form. The illustrative texts are drawn from Internet sources. The theoretical framework of the discussion is represented by the discourse polyphony approaches of the Bakhtin – Ducrot – Nølke type. In the linguistic analysis it intends to highlight several aspects of the semantic field of rumour (well-represented in current Romanian language), the variety of introductive formulae for rumour in current journalistic language, the linguistic markers (evidentials) that journalists use in order to indicate their reserve or distance from a message or from a piece of information received from somebody else. If Romania could export its rumours, it would be wealthier than Germany. (Ken Jowitt, Dilema, 1995, 116: 9)