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Colombo, Monica. 2013. Discourse and politics of migration in Italy: The production and reproduction of ethnic dominance and exclusion. Journal of Language and Politics 12 (2) : 157–179.
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This introductory essay aims at offering an overview of the historical, demographic and economic dimensions of migration in Italy – as well as of Italian politics and migration-related legislation. Based on statistics, research reports, and existing Italian and international literature on immigration-related issues, the paper highlights the profile of Italy’s migrant groups as well as the role they have been playing in the country’s labour market over time. The paper analyses key migration-related legislation showing that Italian immigration policies have been basically focused on ex post regularizations, control of new legal entries and repression of irregular ones. The increasing criminalization and securitization of immigration supported by right-wing parties and the most relevant features of public debate on immigration in Italy are highlighted.