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Kjaerbeck, Susanne and Dennis Day. 2013. ‘Positioning’ in the conversation analytic approach. Narrative Inquiry 23 (1) : 16–39.
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John Benjamins
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From the perspective of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis (EM/CA), the concept of positioning may offer a compellingly rich metaphor for understanding identity and relations. There appears, however, to be no such analytical concept in EM/CA. Instead, the EM/CA approach offers concepts such as alignment-affiliation, identities and membership categories — all of them based on actional resources on the micro-level of talk. The aim of this article is to inquire if EM/CA tools for the analysis of identities and relations in talk might be considered interesting from the perspective of positioning theory. To do so, it offers EM/CA analyses of narrative and non-narrative data in which the in situ negotiation of identities and relations plays a major role.