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Weyers, Joseph R. and Germán Canale. 2013. Tuteo and voseo in the classroom: Linguistic attitudes among Montevidean educators. Spanish in Context 10 (3) : 371–389.
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This study is based on the results of an online survey of Montevidean educators on their attitude toward the Tuteo and voseo in the classroom. Traditionally, Tuteo was considered the only correct form of address for classroom use in Uruguay’s capital. The results of the 78 completed surveys, along with qualitative data from 11 interviews, suggest a shift in that tradition. Teachers report using voseo with almost similar frequency as Tuteo; voseo is viewed by a noteworthy number of educators as acceptable for classroom use; and there is considerable acceptance of the T-V form (e.g. tú tenés) that is common in Montevideo. The results here are consistent with prior studies that point to an increasing use of voseo to the detriment of Tuteo in Montevideo, the latter of which reportedly persists given, in part, its traditional role in educational domains.