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Anchimbe, Eric A., ed. 2013. Language Policy and Identity Construction. The dynamics of Cameroon's multilingualism. (IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society 32). John Benjamins. xxvi, 250 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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Language as a subject


The (dis)empowerment of languages through language policy in multilingual postcolonial communities often shapes speakers’ identification with these languages, their attitude towards other languages in the community, and their choices in interpersonal and intergroup communication. Focusing on the dynamics of Cameroon’s multilingualism, this book contributes to current debates on the impact of politic language policy on daily language use in sociocultural and interpersonal interactions, multiple identity construction, indigenous language teaching and empowerment, the use of Cameroon Pidgin English in certain formal institutional domains initially dominated by the official languages, and linguistic patterns of social interaction for politeness, respect, and in-group bonding.