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Tsuchiya, Keiko. 2013. Listenership Behaviours in Intercultural Encounters. A time-aligned multimodal corpus analysis. (Pragmatics & Beyond New Series 236). John Benjamins. xv, 234 pp.
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How do people listen in a conversation, especially in an intercultural setting, and how do they shift from listener to speaker in the particular context? This book investigates listenership behaviours of a tutor and a student in the context of academic supervision sessions at a university in the UK, comparing British tutor - British student conversations with British tutor - Japanese student conversations in English. A new research methodology, a time-aligned multimodal corpus analysis, is introduced for analysing listenership and turn-taking structure, synthesising visual data with verbal data in timeline. The method also integrates discourse-pragmatic and conversation analytic approaches with the corpus-based analysis. This work reports strategies in use of response tokens for framework shifts and multi-functional nature of hand gestures observed in the conversations.