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Léglise, Isabelle and Claudine Chamoreau, eds. 2013. The Interplay of Variation and Change in Contact Settings. (Studies in Language Variation 12). John Benjamins. vii, 264 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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This volume is at the cross-roads between two research traditions dealing with language change: contact linguistics and language variation and change. It starts out from the notion that linguistic variation is still a little researched area in most contact-induced language change studies. Intending to fill this gap, it offers a rich panorama of case studies and approaches dealing with linguistic variation in contact settings. It concentrates both on monolingual data, tracing variation and contact beneath surface homogeneity, and on bilingual data such as code-switching and other forms of variation, to trace their underlying regularities. It investigates the relationship between variation and change in language contact settings.

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