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Engberg, Jan. 2013. Legal linguistics as a mutual arena for cooperation: Recent developments in the field of applied linguistics and law. AILA Review 26 (1) : 24–41.
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This article reports on some of the recent projects and individual works in the field of Legal Linguistics as examples of cooperation between Applied Linguistics and law. The article starts by discussing relevant prototypical concepts of Legal Linguistics. Legal Linguistics scrutinizes interactions between human beings in the framework of legal institutions involving language as a means of communication. Focus is upon creating a mutual arena for cooperation between disciplines, including Applied Linguistics. Legal Linguistics is thus seen as an interdisciplinary approach treating problems of relevance to the law from the point of view of non-legal disciplines. Subsequently, the paper presents four domains of study in Legal Linguistics all characterised by offering opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation: Forensic linguistic evidence analysis, Drafting and intelligibility, Legal interpretation and meaning, and Discourse studies of law.